Hillary Is Under FBI Investigation And Her Voting Base Is Staying At Home, And The “No Trump” Farce Is Appropriate How?

The more one sees reports about current political events the more one doubts the sanity of America’s political class. Last night on Fox News Channel’s Special Report, panelist David Gregory, a liberal NBC reporter, stated that the No Trump movement is important because Trump is divisive and he uses bad language occasionally, so he must be prevented from running for president in the Republican Party. I appreciate the great concern that Mr. Gregory has for the presidential aspirations of Republicans and I know he has only the best wishes for Republicans in the 2016 election cycle, but when the hell did a liberal give a twit about Republican successes? The only reason liberals are forming the No Trump movement is that Donald Trump is being very successful getting followers and their votes, and because he is unifying not only Republicans, but he’s attracting many voters from the failing campaign of Hillary Clinton and here dangerous liberal/socialist tendencies.

I think that the push by the left should be “No Hillary” because of the dangerous legal position she is in, with her email secrets being made available to China, North Korea and Iran, her use of an illegal email server, and the investigation of her selling of influence in exchange for cash investments in the Clinton Global Initiative to foreign leaders while she served as Obama’s Secretary of State. And even the likes of General Michael Hayden, who is a former head of the CIA and the NSA, said that in his opinion, our enemies did absolutely hack into Hillary’s unprotected email server and got whatever secret information Hillary left exposed there, and she definitely placed American interests and American and foreign agents at risk of death with that hacking.

Even though she is beating Bernie Sanders in the rigged Democrat primary voting, the Democrat-base turnout has been shockingly low and unenthusiastic. It might therefore be best to dump this so-yesterday old liberal candidate and allow someone who actually inspires and excites the voters to take her place.

Democrats are frightened at the enthusiasm Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are getting, and fear the  Clinton era is at an end, so they are making an attempt to get rid of the Republican threat to power that they so desire. I offer my sincere thanks to Mr. Gregory for his great concern for the welfare of the Republican Party, but I must turn down his offer to stop the Republican path to victory. I also wonder why the Fox panelists let his anti-Trump pitch go unchallenged. It appears that even many conservatives don’t understand what’s in play here, and what is at risk with the constant battering of our leading Republican candidates.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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