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Thanks To President Barack “Containment” Obama, ISIS Now Has Chemical Weapons

Instead of aggressively attacking, killing and forever eliminating ISIS, President Obama decided to “contain” them. So now, along with allowing them to murder more innocent people over the past year, attacking Paris and San Bernardino whenever they’re ready to do so and conquering more territory in the Middle East, our brave and wise Obama has given them time to develop chemical weapons, putting Americans, along with the rest of the world, at greater risk from this evil scum.

Along with this bad news is the assurance from ISIS itself that they are infiltrating the Syrian “refugee” hoard Obama insists he will import into America in the tens of thousands (and also be aware that our weak-kneed Republican-majority congress fully funded Obama’s Syrian relocation scheme), despite FBI warnings that our government cannot properly screen these people, who have promised to kill Americans.

One wonders how much longer Obama will dither while allowing ISIS the time to develop, ship and detonate a nuclear device in New York City or Chicago. Such an event is the inevitable end product of not killing ISIS immediately. Has our government forgotten that Iran, thanks to Obama and his nuke deal with the Mullahs, is nearly at the end of obtaining their own nuclear device and that they are currently and openly testing a delivery vehicle for such a weapon? And has Washington forgotten that they recently gave Iran a nearly half-trillion dollar prize, as part of Obama’s idiotic Nuke deal that will allow them to more rapidly develop their nuclear weapon?

The evil lurking in the Oval Office exceeds anything this nation has ever seen, and we still have to live with Obama’s anti-America actions and words for another eleven months. It’s hard to tell if America is more threatened by ISIS or the executive branch of our own government.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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