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Obama’s Mosque Visit Misstates Both Current Events and History

Because American opinion is suspicious of Muslims, following various Islamic extremist/terrorist attacks in America and elsewhere, with special attention being given to killing Christians when they can be found, our Obama decided to give moral support and backing to The Islamic Society of Baltimore and give them a word of comfort, even though the FBI has this same Mosque under surveillance following the discovery of one of its members having planned to bomb an Army recruiting center in Catonsville, Maryland.

One wonders where the people actually being killed by Muslim terrorists, largely Christians and Jews, go to get presidential attention for their dangerous exposure under the weak, blame-America-first Obama administration. This visit by our president would indicate that Obama is making a political statement in favor of his beloved Islam (his own words were that no more beautiful sound can be heard than the call to prayer from a Mosque), and it’s obvious he cares not a whit about his fellow non-Muslim Americans.

It’s questionable and suspicious that Obama would identify his visit as an attempt to quiet Americans and their opposition to radical Muslims, and that he only wants to cool America’s anger and fear with his visit, because that argument is simply wrong-headed. Obama’s thinking assumes that an angry American public is forming at Mosques all over the country, marching and throwing bottles to protest Islam in general, and that is definitely not happening anywhere in America or the liberal press would be shoving it down our throats all day long and reminding us of how racist we are as a nation.  So, then, what does it mean for him to visit an FBI surveilled religious site that has not been attacked nor protested against, while at the same time turning his back on the religions of Christianity and Judaism, whose members are actually being attacked and killed by Obama’s favored group’s members?

At the Mosque, Obama apologized for America’s “inexcusable political rhetoric”.  Really, Barry?  Exactly what is this rhetoric and when has it been spouted? If he refers to a plan to keep Muslims out of our nation until we can get a handle on who is killing Americans in their home towns and how to stop them, then he only needs to think back to his own restrictions place on Iraqis entering our country a few years ago. It seems to me that going a little too far in an attempt to protect American citizens is not a bad idea, and keeping potential bad guys out is a good way to do that. But to the contrary, Obama has issued a dictatorial order to bring tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” to America even though government officials have stated that they cannot properly vet these new arrivals to be sure they are safe to come here, and his order is doubly dangerous for the citizens of America because we know that ISIS has inserted terrorists in this refugee group with plans to attack America again from inside our borders once they are here.

Obama is simply taking the usual liberal position and blaming America first for any problem in the world. In fact, instead of America being the bad guy, the American military has put itself at extreme risk by defending Muslims in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. For Obama to visit the Mosque and offer them verbal cover is to do in reverse exactly what he wants us to believe Americans are doing against Muslims: he is taking the position that America is wrong again and letting the offended party know that he is on their side against the evil Americans.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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