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From Whom Does Obama Seek Approval? Know Him By His Friends.

The United Nations delegates, likened to the Star Wars bar scene, like Obama and flock to see him when he gives a speech, because he shares their desire to see America and Israel destroyed and humiliated.

The Muslim Brotherhood, who tried to subvert our ally, Egypt, with a takeover of Egypt’s government by Sharia-following terrorists, likes Obama. Obama and Hillary claimed the Muslim Brotherhood were “moderates” who were taking the lead in the Middle East on a revolutionary “Arab Spring” of enlightenment and reform. So how is that Arab Spring “reform” going for us now, Obama? And you, too, Hillary.

Big pharma appear to like Obama, because he needs to get control of their business in order to nationalize healthcare and the entire medical profession. Meanwhile, as Obama destroys healthcare on his way to nationalizing it, the pharma CEOs think they can delay the inevitable indefinitely by being pals with him. The pharma CEOs need to visit with the Obamacare insurance companies’ CEOs about the advisability of scheming against the American people and our economic structure in order to make a short-term profit by teaming up with big government. In the long term it doesn’t work to a company’s benefit and profitability.

Big insurance companies used to like Obama a lot because he assured them that they would rid themselves of their competition by joining the ACA-dictated state exchanges and the risk corridors that the non-exchange insurance companies could not participate in. However, some of the ACA insurance companies are now rethinking their initial admiration of Obama and his government-dictated healthcare plan, as the reality of pretending to be a part of a capitalist nation is undermined by the big-government healthcare nationalization Obama has planned for them. They are now losing money under Obamacare and want a tax-payer bailout from congress to cover their losses, or they want out of the exchanges altogether.

Large corporations such as General Electric like Obama because as he destroys some smaller companies, who lack the financial backing to implement his draconian new regulations, he leaves the larger companies with less competition. Obama even allowed the G.E. Chairman of the Board, Jeffrey Immelt, to serve as his hand-picked Jobs Czar where his assignment from the beginning was to see how employment could be increased during Obama’s job-destroying administration. At the same time Immelt was charged with increasing employment in America, he was deviously devising ways to close GE lightbulb plants and ship the work and jobs to Mexico, thereby using his government position under Obama to decrease employment and assure cheaper labor costs for his company at the expense of G.E.’s competitors and customers and at the cost of increasing unemployment for American citizens.

General Motors also likes Obama because the new owners, the automotive unions, were given ownership, illegally, by Obama via a directed bankruptcy scheme cooked up by the White House.

Illegal aliens obviously like Obama because they are allowed to enter the country with no papers, no employment and with no health or security checks and immediately go on welfare, as long as they know they are beholden to Obama and the Democrats with any future votes.

Convicted Prisoners assuredly like Obama because he periodically releases packs of them without telling local authorities this move is coming, and without any consideration as to the severity of the crimes that put them in prison.

Communists such as Van Jones very much like Obama because he gives them the cover of respectability and allows them to do their best to destroy what they can of our government and our constitution, while getting an uncommunist-like big paycheck from Obama’s government.

Professors from leftist universities seem to like Obama because he allows them to put into action the unworkable, idiotic, leftist crap that they discuss and plan in the faculty lounge.

Activists really like Obama because they so closely resemble him and have the same destructive goals for America as he. They both seek to “fundamentally transform America”, or, stated more simply: they want to destroy America.

Establishment Republicans in Congress seem to like Obama because they recently voted to approve a budget to fully fund every destructive scheme that Obama and his EPA can devise to destroy jobs and increase the unemployment rate for Americans.

ISIS even likes Obama because they understand that he is under public pressure to appear to be fighting them. But he is really just playing at it with his idiotic rules of engagement and his tightly controlled sorties into Syria to bomb sites that are unmanned or are otherwise of limited military value. Meanwhile, while Obama is “containing” ISIS, they are, at their leisure, attacking Paris and San Bernardino while also developing chemical weapons to use on Israel and the United States as Obama allows Syrian “refugees” to freely enter the country with no security checks at all. And don’t forget the Iran nuclear deal, the idiocy of which permits Iran to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them, in case the current ISIS chemical weapons leave anyone alive once they are implemented and detonated.

Those who don’t like Obama are everyone who loves and respects the constitution and the America that Obama is “fundamentally transforming”. Much can be learned about Obama by taking note of who he meets with and where he goes for approval and admiration.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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