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The Government Lives On Borrowed Money, So Why Do We Pay Taxes?

Ever wonder why we pay taxes to the government, and do you hear in disbelief that the tax revenue to the federal government is the greatest haul ever, achieving untold billions of dollars taken from us citizens, and then learn that we are then still borrowing trillions of additional dollars each year on top of the billions we all send to the IRS?  Well, the reason we send so much money to Washington is not to pay government bills. It goes to control “we the people” and direct our money where the government wants our money to go and not in a direction of our own choosing.

The best example of the control exerted by the government is the Lois Lerner scandal. Ms. Lerner was a director in the IRS who illegally withheld tax exempt status from conservative groups prior to the 2012 election in order to increase Obama’s chances of re-election by eliminating his blooming and expanding conservative opposition. Of course no charges of criminal actions on her part were ever brought, and she lives comfortably in the DC area with full retirement benefits, paid, again, by we the people, via our taxes.

The IRS is now, under a progressive/liberal/Democrat president, controlling conservative political speech, with liberal groups getting tax-exempt status as a natural, normal process of government. But government control goes even further than this single item.  Remember that now all healthcare in the nation is controlled by the IRS. You can be sent to jail for not buying the insurance Obama thinks you should buy, and you must pay the price he thinks you should pay or be audited and prosecuted. Never mind that under Obamacare most people are paying higher premiums and higher deductibles for less quality of care, with many families not being able to afford to pay the deductible fees they previously did not have to pay when they had coverage their employer provided or that they bought privately, before ever reaching the level where actual insurance coverage kicks in. In reality, many families now have no insurance coverage at all, but are still out the money Obama tells them they must pay for Obamacare.

This is your IRS at work. The greatest fear most citizens have is a letter from the government announcing that they are being audited.  Lois Lerner lied about her role in the IRS scandal; the IRS lied about missing emails (later found on a distant server) and documents requested by congressional investigating committees were never produced, but Obama forgave her for simply being a poor manager and for her department being somewhat inert.  But if you, as a tax payer being audited, are unable to find the slip of paper that proves you made a donation to the Salvation Army five years ago, for which donation you took a tax deduction, you can be fined or imprisoned.  That’s the control government has over each and every one of us, and they will not let go of that control.

Tax payers foot the bill for borrowing trillions of dollars that the government spends on studying, among numerous other wasteful subjects, why consuming vodka makes us drunk; or the millions that the government gives to radical, violently anti-American groups like ACORN; or the millions that the government spends to relocate Syrian “refugees” to America, knowing all along that many ISIS terrorists, who have sworn to kill Americans, are in that group of people they are importing. Instead, the money paid in taxes could be used by we citizens to buy a larger home, a new car, pay for children’s education, or invest for retirement, but it can’t go toward these things and still go to the government, so the government gets first dibs on your money, not you, the earner.

And consider what happens to the money you send to the IRS compared to the use you and your neighbors could make of the money if you were allowed to keep it and spend it more wisely than the government does.  The money spent on Syrian “refugees” or housing Mexican illegal aliens goes to further grow big government.  Obama needs billions of dollars to buy or lease government aircraft to transport refugees, and they need to rent buildings to house people who cross our southern border (and don’t think that the aircraft manufacturers and the motel owners don’t appreciate the government sending them money for these uses, and don’t think that donations to Liberal/progressive/ Democrat election funds do not follow these government expenditures, thus growing government even more by the minute).

But if you were allowed to spend privately and personally the thousands of dollars you send to the Department of Revenue, there would be economic growth we haven’t seen for decades, with unemployment going down steadily, and people on welfare being able to get jobs and feel the pride of supporting their families that comes from shedding the smothering cloak of big government.  But this liberating of the underclass of our nation is what government fears and wants to avoid, because now the promise of welfare recipients getting more goodies from the government is what keeps them voting for Democrats, which keeps the IRS in control or our lives, and allows the government to borrow even more trillions to do whatever it wants to do.

It’s a vicious circle that will not end until we advance to a Fair tax and get rid of the IRS and its control over our lives and over our nation, via its ability to punish us for spending our money as we see fit.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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