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Someone Please Tell Obama That the Following Things Are Not “What We Are”

Right off the bat it must be said that none of Obama’s actions and policies are “what Americans are” as a nation.  The phrase “not what we are” is a popular one with our Barry as he tries to convince us that we should behave as a nation just as he declares we should, even though his actions are contrary to anything we’ve ever seen or done before as a nation.   Here’s a short list of what America isn’t and what we, as citizens of the country that Obama currently rules, don’t want it to become:

America doesn’t sign treaties with terrorist nations that assure that those nations will soon develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver those weapons.

American presidents don’t blame America for the suffering and misery one sees in too many dictatorial nations around the world.

American presidents don’t allow the IRS to discriminate against their loyal political opponents.

American presidents don’t allow their Secretary of State to violate national security by operating an unprotected email system.

America does not allow illegal aliens to freely cross our borders in order to either live off welfare at the expense of the American tax payers, or take jobs that Americans could use under Obama’s jobless “recovery”.

American presidents don’t publicly insult Israeli prime ministers when they visit the White House, nor do they blame Israel for the suffering of Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza.

American presidents don’t violate the constitution by taking weapons needed for self-defense, from American citizens.

American presidents don’t lecture their fellow-citizens and call them racists when they want to defend the nation from the terrorists that Obama insists he will resettle here.

American presidents don’t allow the EPA to issue illegal, job-killing regulations that do nothing to protect the environment and are contrary to the EPA enabling legislation passed by congress.

American presidents don’t arbitrarily outlaw our major source of electric power generation: coal.

American presidents don’t violate the constitution and attempt to establish laws in the form of executive orders, which orders are in violation of the will of the people who have rejected his radical administration by placing a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate in order to block his dictatorial tendencies.

American presidents don’t deny Americans free choice in their selection of healthcare providers.

The things listed above are not what America is and not what American presidents have ever done before, but Obama has done, and is doing, each of them and more.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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