Mother Nature Proves Establishment Republicans To Be Fools

Snow has shut down the eastern seaboard of the United States, including Washington DC.  Shutting down Washington DC means shutting down the federal government, something that frightens establishment Republicans even beyond losing the next election or not being invited to a rich Senate Democrat’s next cocktail party, and so far no one in America has starved to death nor frozen in the cold because of the government not operating for a few days.

But the thing that most frightens establishment Republicans is standing up to a dictator like Obama and taking a principled position against funding Obamacare, or against funding Obama’s Syrian or Mexican illegal immigration scheme, or against borrowing another trillion dollars that we can’t pay for, because it might make Obama angry, and he might then speak harsh words about you nasty Republicans, which words would probably include: racist, hateful, deniers of healthcare for the poor, the party of “no”, the party that won’t cooperate with Obama, etc.

I would remind the Republicans that the words racist, party of “no”, hateful, don’t want the poor to have healthcare and being uncooperative are what Obama and the Democrats call you every day of the week during the times when you agree with, and vote for, every leftist, anti-American scheme the Democrats propose to you, so what are you protecting yourselves from?  Certainly you’re not protected from Obama’s and the Democrat mafia’s abuse, and absolutely certainly you’re not protecting yourselves from the name calling that you get anyway, so why do you continue to play footsie with the Democrats at the expense of your grandchildren’s futures and the continued prosperity and liberty of the United States and its citizens?

So let’s sum up (and I’ll leave out the part about you not being invited to the next fancy Democrat cocktail party for purposes of brevity):

Snow falls, government shuts down and everything runs fine,

You’re going to be called names by the press and the Democrats anyway,

So, why not refuse to borrow more trillions of dollars we can’t pay for, and why not refuse to fund Obamacare, and why not refuse to fund Obama’s scheme to locate tens of thousands of Syrian “refugees” to the United States (many of whom, we have been promised, will be ISIS operatives determined to destroy America, and none of whom can be properly vetted to be sure they’re really refugees and not terrorists) and why not refuse to increase the cost of government in general at the expense of ruining the futures of all Americans? Why not do the right thing next time and say “no” to Obama and his desire to “fundamentally transform America”? If you took a principled stand against Obama and allowed government to shut down in order to get your way, you’d be no worse off with Obama and the Democrats, and the people who actually voted you into office would be very appreciative, and maybe we’d even vote for you the next time you’re up for election, but you’d better quickly change your ways and how you deal with the people who are determined to destroy this nation. And besides, this current snowstorm was heaven-sent to prove to the nation that a government shut-down is not painful at all; but I’d like for it to be painful the next time the budget is voted on, painful for the Democrats.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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