How Smart Is Hillary To Choose To Speak Of Rape and Sexism?

Hillary Clinton has a pan-faced, bulb-nosed, mouth-breathing fool of a husband who has not only been accused of sexual infractions, but has paid $850,000 to keep one of the ladies quiet. Our Bill was also found guilty of sexual relations with one of his White House interns, and fortunately the prosecution had DNA evidence as proof of the dalliance, which avoided the deluge of lies that always come from a Clinton mouth when they get in trouble. So, with Bill’s history in mind, why would Hillary be so stupid as to make a campaign statement that women should always be believed if they claim a man has molested them? And then to have ole Bill actually speak on her behalf at a campaign rally really causes one to scratch one’s head. From everything we know about Bill, the Republicans are amateurs at waging the alleged war on women and have a lot to learn from Bill on this subject. And when you consider further that Hillary led the Bimbo Eruption and took that opportunity to abuse and threaten women who made a claim of intimate or unwanted attention from Bill when he ran for president in the nineties, it appears that both of them are at war with the female population in general: Bill uses them and Hillary abuses and accuses them.  The fact that she moved swiftly to hush the women who knew Bill a little too well is the reason why Republicans criticizing both of them equally, as part of Hillary’s campaign, is legitimate.  She has waged a war of her own on any woman who stood in her way and prevented her from getting to the White House to serve as Bill’s co-president during the first Clinton administration, and she’ll do it again if she has to.

Then if you consider that Hillary can’t stop talking about women being monetarily cheated when compared to the pay a man would get in a particular job, you might wonder why this fool woman would raise this particular subject considering that she paid her female Senate staffers less than she paid her male staffers.

Hillary is believed to be one of the smartest women in the world, but aside from the above list of dumb moves and her initial lies about not receiving any Top Secret emails on her illegal email system, along with her lies about what caused the Benghazi consulate attack, she’s not displayed any real intelligence yet.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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