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White Students Push Back

I find it pretty ironic that in the mid 1960’s and early 1970’s the big civil rights movement was trying to give blacks equal treatment, they wanted to make blacks equal to whites. Because of that Affirmative Action was introduced into our society, (which I am against I might add.) Blacks wanted to go everywhere that whites went and be included in every part of society.

Here we are in 2015, and what do we find? Blacks in colleges want their own separate spaces where whites are not allowed, safe spaces they are called, complete opposite of what the civil rights movement was all about. Now it seems that only black lives matter and white privilege was setup to make whites feel guilty for being white, and some white assholes are going along with it, talk about true idiots. It’s OK to have black pride but not white pride, well to that I say bullshit.

Well it seems that many white students have had it as well. White student unions are springing up at universities, supporting and defending the interests of white students who they say are becoming marginalized from on-campus life and political debate. I say bravo to them. These student unions which started in Australia, but which are branching out in the US, where groups have built considerable support on social media and many intend to establish an on-campus presence in the new year.

Of course the push back from the Universities are varied. Responses to the groups on social media have ranged from “be proud of your heritage!” to “f–k off Nazis,” the students behind the unions deny white pride is akin to racism, and argue they have as legitimate a place in university life as any other student group.

On the facebook page of one union member, this was posted:

It’s about time white students organized and started working together.

There are many issues that are unique to white people, and that have been largely unaddressed on campus. UWA WSU will serve partly as an advocacy platform, and partly as a social club.

Despite the many achievements of Western Civilization, UWA WSU does not endorse white supremacism, and racism is not welcome on this page.

I for one salute these groups, It’s about time white people stood up for themselves.

On another facebook post:

UTS prides itself for being a multiracial, multicultural tertiary institution. That is unless you answer correctly accordingly with their leftist agendas.

Nowadays Universities are merely used as brainwashing tools by the left to manufacture more leftists.

Any conjecture or questioning of these agendas or policies will lead you to being labeled a ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ and you might even lose your job. It does remind me of the old days where someone would scream witch and the woman would be held to the stake.

Fight for the right to be a European!

It seems that equality is only for the far left Liberal-Progressives, or what they think equality should be anyway. Their idea of equality is so far from reality, the left are the true bigots in this world.

White pride, I’ve always had it and I always will.

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WhiteThis is one man’s opinion.


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  1. Over time I’ve observed a distinct difference between “new money’ and ‘old money”, also that most of these big lottery winners seem to spend like there’s no tomorrow and drunken sailors…….generally resulting in sliding right back down to ‘broke’.

    For whatever reason there is a similarity in my view……Us ‘whities” have had centuries to learn how not to be bad actors…..Perhaps this is still new to them and they aren’t fast learners……that shouldn’t be my problem!!!

    The same could be said of ‘other’ races that are quick to covet what the white guy has worked for and believes in entitlement……(an attitude introduced by leftist)

    To these students……I stand and applaud….If anyone thinks that’s racist…So be it…’ain’t my problem.

    I once had a fellow employee complain because her daughter had started ‘acting white”…I told her just how lucky she started so young.

    Let’s run this race together

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