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Obama’s “Leading From Behind” Strategy Is Like Driving A Car From The Back Seat

Why are our leaders so stupid that it takes a major terrorist attack like the one last week in Paris, the Charlie Hebdo killings, the Fort Hood Massacre, the Boston marathon bombing, or the underwear bomber to spark them into a response? And by the time an attack is launched only dead bodies remain and it’s too late at that point to take preventive action and do anything except mourn the dead!  Aren’t these Washington elites able to listen to the third or fourth violent terrorist threat, hear Iran’s continuous diatribes of “death to America” and witness the second or third actual military-style terrorist attack on a peaceful, innocent target, and realize that these terrorists are murderously serious and that they intend to kill us all?  It almost appears that our leftist leaders, such as our sitting president, Barack Obama, want an attack on America so they can suspend the Constitution, silence their political opponents, confiscate all the guns, cancel the next presidential election and declare martial law.  Obama has stated that his current orders to make occasional, meaningless bombing runs in Syria in order to “contain” ISIS is working and will remain the policy of his administration. And we know from last Friday’s massive terrorist attack in Paris how well Obama’s “containment” policy is working.

One of these times the outcome of a terrorist attack will be terminal for a western nation, perhaps the United States. If such a devastating attack occurs, we’ll either see our nation militarily invaded and taken over by terrorists, have a major city destroyed by a nuclear weapon, or Obama will simply surrender to the terrorists and open the gates to a Muslim occupation of America and the imposition of Sharia law on our population. And this could happen, per the sick logic of Obama’s pals in the typical university professor’s lounge, because America has been economically and socially unjust to the down-trodden poor people of the world and Americans need to know what it’s like to be defeated and at the mercy of a conquering power. Under Obama’s rule this could all come true, because he is doing nothing substantive to defeat and destroy our enemies nor to protect America from those who daily threaten our very existence.

Obama’s assertion that the Syrian “refugees” he is anxious to import into the United States will be robustly and rigorously vetted to weed out the terrorists is a total and psychopathic lie: Syria has no kind of dependable, stable government that is able to investigate and honestly report the status and background of any Syrian citizen, let alone a terrorist that Syria wants to get into the U.S. in order to do America harm.  The entire Obama administration is a pack of lying, anti-American fools.

Leaders lead, and followers sit in the back seat and watch events unfold from behind, but leaders certainly don’t “lead from behind”. And anyone who believes this idiotic phrase, so loved by the liberal press in their attempt to give the impression that Obama cares about foreign affairs and is involved in protecting America in this dangerous world, is setting our nation up for destruction.  In this vein we must be constantly reminded of Obama’s stated intention to “fundamentally transform America” and one strongly suspects that we’re moving in the exact direction Obama wants America to go.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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