Is Obama Coordinating GITMO Prisoner Releases With ISIS?

As an extreme example of how tone-deaf the Obama administration is, aside from saying that the  murders of 128 Parisian citizens on November 13th was merely a “setback” for Obama (everything is about Obama) and his attempts to “contain” ISIS, on the same weekend that the terrorist murders occurred, the Obama administration quietly released 5 terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo. Could this strange overlapping of the three events be more than it seems to be?

Is there a coordination between these events? It seems unlikely that there could be a mere coincidence that would have Obama stating that ISIS is “contained” just hours before terrorists attacked Paris and killed 128 innocent people, and then find out that there was also a release of GITMO prisoners at the same time. One finds it difficult to believe such events, related to Obama and terrorists, happening within such a limited time frame without something nefarious taking place. Was the attack merely a cover-up to direct attention away from the GITMO release and a way for Obama to limit publicity of the release of people who were captured while fighting to kill Americans?

A little speculation may enlighten the situation a bit: If Obama had only released 1 prisoner, could the lives of 103 French civilians have been saved?  Or if Obama had released 10 GITMO would ISIS have killed 256 innocent people?  It’s an interesting question, but given that the Parisian attack was a day ahead of the release, Obama would have been wise to have retained all of the prisoners for at least a decent period of time before springing them.

I’m just sayin’….

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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