How Can Anyone Want Liberal Leadership When Liberal Leaders Are So Ignorant Of Basic Events And So Reluctant To Learn?

I’ve noticed in recent televised encounters with liberal spokespersons that they argue and quote the same wrong “facts” every time they are challenged when debating with a conservative.  Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives who monitor such things have played montages of liberal newscasters and pundits stating the same exact leftist talking-point phrases, almost to the letter, about current events, that prove they are given daily guidance from their political leaders and then slavishly follow those orders.  For example leading up to the George Bush election, on one occasion nine liberal newscasters and commentators used a phrase about Bush having no “gravitas”.  I had never heard any of them use the word gravitas before, but on that day all of them used the same word, and some of them used the same entire phrase to impugn Bush.  And this is just one of many examples of liberals obviously being told what to say, and some were so lazy that they used the entire phrase shoved at them without making any individualized modifications to it in order to make it at least somewhat fresh. This slavish reporting could be an indication that liberals are not very smart, or at least they are not trusted by their betters to stick to the party line, but have to have the “facts” pumped to them even if the facts are wrong.

Some other examples of liberals being given talking points and not varying from the party line are:

When Bob Beckel was on the Fox program The Five, he would repeatedly make a statement about Obamacare that would be refuted by the conservatives on the panel.  Each time he would ask where they got the evidence of their position and each time he was told that the New York Times had reported the fact and that maybe he should read his own party newspaper once in a while and he would learn something.  But thereafter, each time that the same subject came up Beckel would again quote his incorrect “fact” and argue with the other panel members that his wrong statement was indeed correct, and they would again tell him their information came from the New York Times. I have no doubt that Beckel is still stating that Obamacare is working great and that everyone is happy with it and it’s a great success, and he’s still wrong.

Charlie Rose was interviewing Marco Rubio recently and was shocked when Rubio said Hillary had lied to the American people about the nature and source of the attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans working there.  Rose was stunned that Rubio would call Hillary a liar so Rubio had to tell Rose that the House Committee questioning Hillary about the Benghazi disaster had found emails sent from Hillary to her daughter and to an Egyptian diplomat admitting that it was an organized, military-style attack, but that she later went on television and told the American people that it was just a spontaneous demonstration about the offensive video that had briefly been on the internet. It would not surprise me at all if Charlie Rose, if asked today about the Benghazi murders of four Americans, would sincerely tell you the bad video caused it and that Hillary came out of the House hearings in good shape.

It’s been proven, using Senate personnel pay records, that Hillary paid females on her Senate staff less than she paid her male employees.  Yet Hillary is always applauded by her adoring audiences when she shoots her mouth off about the scandal of women being paid less than men. She shows no shame at all for telling the lie and implicitly stating that of course she always paid employees the same wage. Has she no shame? Are her supporters so stupid and uninformed that they don’t know the truth?  But it’s a fact that liberals never have to face real statistics, they just call the party line a fact and press on. Unfortunately it appears that liberals are liars and that they prefer to tell lies to support their causes, and they prefer Hillary because they like a lying candidate who gets away with it, just like old Bill did.

Liberals always wring their hands and moan about the minimum wage being too low to support a family.  When told that the low wage was never intended to support a family but rather provides an entry level position for young people to begin their careers before moving on to a better, higher paying job, they will never admit the truth and give in to the logic of minimum wages being only a starting point in a career and the reason for the low pay.  When they insist that the minimum wage should be $15.00 an hour they refuse to understand the common sense logic that raising the minimum wage makes the cost of everything we buy increase, thereby negatively impacting the lowest paid among us the hardest and worst. And forget trying to make liberals understand that businesses have limited money to spend on wages and that when the minimum wage is raised you reduce the number of minimum wage earners that can be employed, meaning that several low-paying positions may have to be eliminated when the wage of the position is increased.

Liberals seem to be unable to admit they are wrong and seem to be unable to stop lying about their “facts”. Obama still struts onto a stage and takes credit for giving the nation Obamacare, although the premiums and deductibles are so high that many people who prior to the ACA were able to use their insurance, are now not able to afford to use it under Obama’s fraudulent plan.

Any fact that’s contrary to a position held by a liberal  will be ignored by that liberal and the actual fact that disproves the liberal “fact” will be discarded and forgotten immediately.  Whether liberals are only out to win an argument or are fearful of accepting a position contrary to their distorted talking points is uncertain, but it is certain that a position of national political leadership with a liberal occupying that position is a dangerous thing because liberals refuse to learn and will never admit they are wrong.  They just keep pressing forward and making a bad situation worse instead of solving the issue.

Additional examples of liberal lies from the top guy, repeated over and over and over:

You can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan. The average family will save $2500 a year on health coverage. No boots on the ground. All lies, told by the president of the United States, lying directly to the citizens of the (formerly) freest nation on earth, and in spite of all the problems with Obamacare, this man will not admit to there being any problems at all.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. The Lo-Info Voters don’t give a rats tail about leadership — they’ll vote at least once for whoever promises the most handouts…

    Fine print — delivering on promises isn’t necessarily required for support, so long as you successfully blame the other guys for your planned (leadership) failures.

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