Again With Obama’s Policy Of “I Didn’t Know”

Our very ill-informed president (he didn’t know about the IRS scandal until he read about it in the newspaper; he never did know about Hillary’s illegal email server until the House investigators uncovered it; he didn’t know about the failure of the Obamacare database that caused a delay in launching that horrible vehicle) once again doesn’t know about the most important thing he is charged with: the security of the United States and the safety of its citizens.

It seems that Obama didn’t know that ISIS was powerful and gaining ground everywhere they moved, so in his ignorance he derisively labeled them a JV team and assumed they were yesterday’s news.  But just before the Paris attack on November 13th he stupidly said that ISIS was “contained”, so he must have had some inclination that they were a threat to someone, somewhere.  But still, in spite of all the holes in Obama’s latest story, he claims that he had not been informed of the threat of ISIS and, of course, blames his lack of knowledge on the intelligence gathering agencies who are charged with keeping him informed.

But forget for a minute that Obama is famous for playing golf and not reading his daily intelligence updates nor sitting through his daily intelligence briefings. Obama only gets his news from television or newspapers, according to him.  Maybe if he would discipline himself long enough to listen to his intelligence agencies he would have current information.  But being informed would necessitate his making a decision or actually taking action, so Obama would rather remain ignorant of current events and just play dumb after a disaster strikes.

Someone in the White House must think we’re a bunch of fools in their attempt to blame the intelligence services for Obama’s lack of knowledge.  Wasn’t it these same intelligence agencies that tracked Osama Bin Laden, which allowed Obama to act like a conquering hero when that international criminal was killed? And then Obama’s next stage of defense is to claim that his staff shielded him from the truth. The only way his staff would keep information from him was if he wanted it that way. And knowing how our Obama likes to strut and posture and act like a presidential playboy, easily and smoothly moving through life from the helicopter, to the 747, to the Limo, to the White House, to the golf course, they must have learned early to not bother him with messy details like the terrorist threat to America and the fact that we are losing the war in Syria and he was kept in the dark that his plan is not working.

We all know by now that Obama is a lying, hands-off individual who doesn’t want to be involved with anything except the “fundamental transformation of America” and releasing harmful EPA regulations that kill jobs and halt business expansion.

The big problem with believing that Obama was not kept informed by his staff or the intelligence agencies is that we lowly citizens out here in fly-over country did know of the failure of Obama’s policies and were well aware of the threat of ISIS and the horrible things they were doing, and we heard all of these things discussed daily, all day long, on TV and on the radio. If the average person knew of the dangers our nation faces there is no excuse for the president not also knowing these public facts. So the only thing a sensible person can assume is that Obama either didn’t act on the intelligence reports or they never got to him, both of which are criminal and both of which are his fault.  Shame on this low-life scum!

The New York Daily News had an appropriate headline recently announcing Obama’s “New Terror Plan: Be Afraid”. The headline provides good advice, because with Obama in office we should all be very afraid for our nation’s future, and we all know that Obama has no idea what to do to protect America and will take no decisive action to rid the world of the threat of ISIS. Be very afraid of this man.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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    1. If he’s a “moron” as you say, he is a moron who has accomplished more of the Progressive agenda in just 7 years than has been done in the last hundred. The very reason that Obama is so dangerous is the fact that he is not a moron…

  1. Well, today he said that if there were threats to the US, he ‘would know’. I guess it would have been on TV. Every time he opens his mouth, the opposite of what he says happens. I’m thinking we’re going to have trouble soon…since he’s assured us all how very safe we are.
    He literally makes me sick!!

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