Obama Is Not A Leader? What The Hell Is Jeb Bush Talking About?

In his quest for the presidency Jeb Bush has made several statements about Obama not being a “doer” and not being a “leader”, and for the life of me I can’t figure out what the hell Bush is talking about.  Obama has been the most dynamic leader in American history:

He led in taking healthcare away from every American.

He led in removing troops from Iraq after that war had been won, thereby causing death and misery to millions of people living there.

He led in the economic destruction of America with a debt of 18-plus trillion dollars and growing rapidly.

He led in the racial breakdown of America by not backing police in their fight against inter-city criminals.

He led in the insults and criticism of Israel and the increased trouble that nation is having with terrorists, which is also the same trouble we are having with terrorists.

He led in giving money and a nuclear device to Iran so they can continue to terrorize the world. And our fool president considers this horrific event to be his Legacy. Does Obama know who Neville Chamberlain was and what he did?

He led in blocking any Republican attempt to stop spending and get the national budget back in line with income.

He led in the cover-up of IRS illegalities.

He is still leading in the cover-up of Hillary’s criminal email issues.

With the middle-of-the-night vote on Obamacare (and without assuring all legislators had read the bill before voting on it) he led in the undermining of America’s legislative process.

By idiotically stating that Global Warming is the most pressing issue facing America Obama has led in the eventual police state of America via his attempts to give control over this nation to the United Nations and other anti-American international bodies.

He led in the blockage of the Keystone pipeline project.

He led in giving billions of wasted dollars to the solar power industry.

He has led in the intimidation of Republicans on the budget issue by blaming the former government shut-downs that Democrats caused (as well as the ones still to come) on the Republicans.

He led in the opening of America’s borders to all who would come, to do all they wish to do.

He led in ignoring duly legislated and enacted immigrations laws.

He led in the sanctuary cities travesty.

He led in the fast and furious attempt to blame guns used to commit murder in Mexico on gun sales in America.

He is still leading in his attempts to outlaw guns for law-abiding Americans by lying about who actually commits crimes in our major cities.

He has led in criticism of America’s police forces, stating that they do “stupid” things.

He led in the successes of ISIS by brushing them off as JV quality and not a problem to be concerned with.

He has led in NOT developing a real plan to kill radical Islamists and win our fight against ISIS.

He has led in demonizing America’s proud record and making us look like the bad guys in the world.

He has led in criticism of Christianity and the crusades a thousand years ago, but has said not a word about current-day radical Muslims.

He led in establishing rules of engagement for our armed forces that assure their defeat.

He has led in making homosexual marriages equal to traditional marriages.

He has led in undermining and destroying our constitution.

He has led in governing America via personality, and not by the adherence to laws.

He has led in the use of “Continuing Resolutions” which means the government just keeps spending and has no annual budget to show what they are spending money on, and there are very few Republicans who are leading by speaking out to stop this idiocy.

He has led in alienating America from all of its allies and being even more hated by our enemies.

He has led in killing tens of thousands of jobs in America through radical EPA regulations.

Her has led in the arbitrary release of tens of thousands of convicted criminals back on American streets to commit their crimes again.

Barack Obama has led this great nation to the brink of destruction by being bold and being a leader in his “fundamental transformation of America”. Our beloved Barry has been a very effective leader in every way except to lead America to greater liberty, prosperity and adherence to the constitution. I just wish Jeb Bush, and current Republicans serving in the House and Senate, would be equally strong leaders in calling Obama the traitor and the evil, demonic force he is and stand up to him on issues such as the budget and his destructive EPA regulations. Jed Bush is not the “doer” America needs if we are going to reverse the downward trend Obama has led us to.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Obama has definitely been the king pin in the destruction……however, he has led by mandate and threats while giving away our farm…..this is NOT leadership. I think this was just another poor choice of words by Jeb boy rather than motivation. But man o man, wish you hadn’t listed the crimes, it is soooo depressing

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