Hillary Clinton: The Queen Of Mean

There is no doubt that Hillary is a hard person to like, with her disapproval ratings at over 54% people just do not like her, personally, I can’t stand the woman. In a new book by Ronald Kessler, titled “First Family Detail,” he lets everyone know just what kind of a woman Hillary is, and it ain’t pretty.

In one instance a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton by simply saying, “Good morning, ma’am.” And what was Hillary’s reply? “Fuck off.” And this woman wants to be our next president, no wonder people hate her. “When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously,” Kessler explains. “As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident.”

The following are quotes from Ronald Kesslers book, as printed in the New York Post:

  •  “Hillary was very rude to agents, and she didn’t appear to like law enforcement or the military,” former Secret Service agent Lloyd Bulman recalls. “She wouldn’t go over and meet military people or police officers, as most protectees do. She was just really rude to almost everybody. She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.”

“Hillary didn’t like the military aides wearing their uniforms around the White House,” one former agent remembers. “She asked if they would wear business suits instead. The uniform’s a sign of pride, and they’re proud to wear their uniform. I know that the military was actually really offended by it.”

  • Former agent Jeff Crane says, “Hillary would cuss at Secret Service drivers for going over bumps.” Another former member of her detail recollects, “Hillary never talked to us . . . Most all members of first families would talk to us and smile. She never did that.”

“We spent years with her,” yet another Secret Service agent notes. “She never said thank you.”

  • Within the White House, Hillary had a “standing rule that no one spoke to her when she was going from one location to another,” says former FBI agent Coy Copeland. “In fact, anyone who would see her coming would just step into the first available office.”

One former Secret Service agent states, “If Hillary was walking down a hall, you were supposed to hide behind drapes used as partitions.”

  • Hillary one day ran into a White House electrician who was changing a light bulb in the upstairs family quarters. She screamed at him, because she had demanded that all repairs be performed while the Clintons were outside the Executive Mansion.

“She caught the guy on a ladder doing the light bulb,” says Franette McCulloch, who served at that time as assistant White House pastry chef. “He was a basket case.”

  • White House usher Christopher B. Emery unwisely called back Barbara Bush after she phoned him for computer troubleshooting. Emery helped the former first lady twice. Consequently, Kessler reports, Hillary sacked him. The father of four stayed jobless for a year.
  • While running for US Senate, Hillary stopped at an upstate New York 4-H Club. As one Secret Service agent says, Hillary saw farmers and cows and then erupted. “She turned to a staffer and said, ‘What the f uck did we come here for? There’s no money here.’ ”

Secret Service “agents consider being assigned to her detail a form of punishment,” Kessler concludes. “In fact, agents say being on Hillary Clinton’s detail is the worst duty assignment in the Secret Service.”

After studying the Secret Service and its relationships with dozens of presidents, vice presidents and their families, Ronald Kessler’s astonishment at Hillary Clinton’s inhumanity should reverberate in every American’s head.

As he told me: “No one would hire such a person to work at a McDonald’s, and yet she is being considered for president of the United States.”

In another book titled, “The Clintons’ War On Women” by Roger Stone, Hillary is also portrayed a the monster she truly is. “Hillary Clinton has a long history of being domestically violent with Bill,” Stone writes. “Hillary has beaten Bill, hit him with hard objects, scratched and clawed him, and made him bleed.”

An FBI Agent inside the Clinton White House says her verbal abuse towards her Secret Service detail, one day saying:

“Just stay the fuck back — stay the fuck away from me!” she’d tell them. “Don’t come within 10 yards of me, or else! Just fucking do as I say, okay?”

The newer, fuzzier Hillary will be a hard sell with voters, Stone tells The Post. “There’s only one Hillary Clinton: she’s the Ice Queen,” he says. “That’s the real Hillary. The one you see in her campaign — that’s the fake.”

There is no doubt that Hillary is a true BITCH, who believes she is above the law and everyone is there to kiss her feet. You have to be a complete moron to vote for that woman.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Chris, would love to comment, but, darn it, you’ve about said it all. Let me offer this instead. Remember how Obama swooped in with the help of those supposed to be her supporters……and took home the prize? Well, look for it to happen again…and not with Uncle Joe,…but Lurch himself aka John Kerry.

      1. True…..still let’s not forget, ‘we the people’ already have the eraser….Kerry is much more likely to continue the process of selling us out than Biden and has ‘handled’ all of the negotiations with Iran and other undesirables. And as of late, Kerry is receiving the credit for numerous talks, negotiations etc with other undesirables as opposed to Obama. Not many surprises left with this gang/

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