Biden: Nah – but vote for Hillary!

After being faced with the prospect of Uncle Joe running for President, Democrat voters can now relax. Hillary Clinton will be the choice for which the DNC will allow them to vote.

At a press conference today, Biden announced that he will not be running for President because he ran out of time to enter the race.. or something:

Biden, 72, appeared in the White House Rose Garden with his wife Jill and President Barack Obama to say the window for mounting a successful campaign had closed.

The window closed? That’s it? Either Biden has the most inept campaign staff ever or the Vice President’s consideration of a run was a farce, concocted by the DNC to make it appear like Hillary had the possibility of running against an actual opponent.

With Joe Bowing out and Sanders soon to implode when he gives his “why socialism is cool” speech, the DNC has what they wanted – a primary where Hillary wins and liberals feel like she had to kinda work for it …

VP Biden could have been an exciting entry into the Democrat race. He says what’s on his mind and does not back away from a fight.

Democrats need not fret, the DNC has chosen the perfect candidate for them and they can feel good voting for Hillary since she went head-to-head with those amazing other choices on stage at the first Democrat primary debate. She’s the obvious choice – because the party says so.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Hmmmm not so sure about that. Rose Garden was a ‘rather unusual’ site for a speech that simply says “I’m not running’. The context of his speech, to me, resonated like a campaign speech. Laying the groundwork as a bailout candidate should Hillary actually be found ‘guilty’…..never even hinted at an endorsement of Hillary with Obama standing stately beside him. Hillary has been thrown under the bus before……..

    Have you noticed that Kerry is speaking of his activities in terms of “I” and ‘my”? Surprise Hillary surprise! Just sayin’

    1. I see where you’re coming from, but I believe that the problem for Biden is timeline. He will be unable to pull delegates from several states should he not enter yesterday due to filing deadlines. After a few more weeks, even if Hillary implodes, he just won’t be able to win enough states.

      On the other side, Hillary has nothing to fear from the congressional inquiry. They never accomplish anything other than creating news stories – it has always been theater at best. The FBI investigation will likely find nothing and/or be strung out until after next November.

      That’s just how I see it, but I have no crystal ball.

      1. My own crystal ball is precariously perched between my shoulders and is showing its age….some say it’s cracked…..I do agree it’s kabuki all the way…I got the feeling Thursday that Jim Jordan’s questions were designed to ‘assist FBI’ and in her opening statement she said how dangerous and sensitive Steven’s mission was, then again towards the end she spoke of securing weapons. I don’t recall where I heard shortly after the event I heard that Stevens had gone to facilitate the flow of arms through Turkey on behalf of USA… So her references caused me to link the two things….It is also said that there was a ‘memo’ TEN days ahead of this alerting the State Department as to increased, grave danger in the area and an Al Quida related group was active in area and resisting giving up arms……None of this will get her indicted or even arrested….but that old fat lady isn’t all the way on stage yet…so am hanging on to that teensy weensy thread that it will force her out….I understand there is no statute of limiitations on this ?? She isn’t a sure bet to win the general, unless the Republicans infighting give it to her.
        Don’t you think that the gang of Obama thugs could come up with the money and organization for Biden IF they wanted?

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