Al Gore Has Finally Made A Statement I Agree With, Sort Of

I hate to admit it, but Al Gore has finally made a statement that seems reasonable, at least it has some reasonableness based on what we know of ole Al.  He recently stated that Global Warming and CO2 are making people dumber.  In Al Gore’s case I can see a tie-in between intelligence and the lie of warming/change:  The closer you get to this liberal lie the dumber you get, and Al has obviously been the climate industry leader for much too long. This man is so stupid that he is willing to destroy our economy and make all Americans paupers just to enrich himself with this foolishness.

The only indicators of any warming/change that liberals have to offer are in liberal-programmed computers, and the computers are reporting exactly the dire warnings they were programmed to report. If the polar ice caps are really melting from all of the warmth the lying liberals are claiming has occurred, where are the CNN reports of the streets of Manhattan and Miami and Nassau being awash with ocean waters?  There are no such reports, and if such things were happening and could be offered as proof of their idiotic claims, they would be showing us the pictures every day.  But they’re not, and in not being able to offer such flooding as proof of the lie being true, they’ve made their own case against their ridiculous claims. But proof to the contrary of liberal claims has not stopped them before, and it won’t stop them now.

But perhaps one can assume from the lack of rising oceans, that Obama’s specific promise to halt the rise of the oceans, a promise made seven years ago at the beginning of his administration, has been what stopped the rising levels, and all because of hero Obama’s efforts?  No, this can’t be so, or he’d be taking credit for saving the earth.  So the only reason I can see for his dire claims is that this effort is part of his “fundamentally transforming America” promise, and we see constant first steps to fulfill this effort coming from the EPA with a deluge of regulations on a weekly basis that are grinding our industries to a halt and will soon cause power plants to brown-out as coal becomes unavailable for power generation, thanks to the EPA and the fool in the Oval Office.

And don’t forget the United Nations and its gallery of dictators and Star Wars rogues who are doing anything they can to bring the United States down to size, and would like nothing better than to kill our economy and be able to tax our citizens via the international body of the U.N. in an attempt to halt the fiction of warming/change.  That’s what’s happening.  We’re being lied to by our leaders who are about to allow radical foreigners in the U.N., scheduled to meet in Paris later this year to seal the deal, to eat our wealth and destroy our nation with confiscatory taxes and CO2 sur-charges, and I would not be surprised if United Nations blue-helmeted soldiers were installed in our cities and industries to assure that we Americans toe the warming/change line and pay homage in the form of our national wealth and treasure to the U.N. haven on the East river.  We’re at a desperate cross-roads with our current government, and the threat to our liberties is growing, not becoming any less threatening.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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