Muslim Aliens Fight Hungarian Police, But Won’t Fight ISIS

Strong, healthy, military-aged young men from Iraq and Syria are currently fighting with European police and border guards as they demand to be allowed to enter various nations of Europe and get the goodies that the likes of Germany and Sweden hand out freely to their populations, but these young men are unwilling to remain in their own native countries and defend the children and women they’ve left behind to face ISIS and their murdering tactics. If these young men had any character at all they would have remained in their native countries and formed groups to fight ISIS, not fight the European police who have done them no harm.

There are of course many women and children in the mass of people trying to get into Europe, but there is also an army of men who are just running from danger and looking for a handout from the Europeans and not offering any resistance to the ISIS forces destroying their home countries. And of course Obama is jumping at the opportunity to let thousands of these refugees into America in order to more completely “fundamentally transform America”.  It’s just a little difficult to feel sorry for young men who run from danger to their homes and families and then offer physical opposition and danger to the police forces of the European nations they claim to want to live in.  It makes one think that maybe there is an underlying, hidden cause and objective that these young men are pursuing with their presence in Europe that has nothing to do with wanting a better life. After all, aren’t westerners the infidel?  And why would Muslims want to live with Christians and Jews?

I’m just saying.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. the occams razor answer is they will fight the hungarians and not isis becuase fighting a civilized man is easy. and in a fight between the semi savage and the uber savage of course they have enough brains to run away and fight the fight they know they can win.

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