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You’re Probably A Liberal/Democrat/Progressive If…

You think Hillary is capable of telling the truth.

You think immigration problems were greater before Obama disregarded the law and illegally opened our borders.

You think Obama’s unelected and unconfirmed-by-Congress hidden cabinet, is good for America and represents transparency in government.

You think that the immigration system is “broken”, and not that immigration laws are not being enforced.

You think single-payer health insurance is a good idea and will help control healthcare costs.

You think that prosecuting police officers for doing their jobs will cut crime and make cities safer to live in.

You really believe that the confederate flag killed people in Charleston.

You think gun control saves lives.

You think it’s racist to lock up and deport someone who is illegally in America.

You care so much for education for America’s children that you would deny them school choice and force them into failing government-run public schools.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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