Why it’s dangerous To America to have this populace

The most injurious thing that happened to England following World War II was likely the nationalization of major industries under liberal governments.

The real hurt placed on England by this leftist trend was that when a conservative administration gained power they re-privatized the industries that had been nationalized by the liberals.  This national/private swing in England’s economy not only cost vast amounts of time and money that they did not have as new laws and corporate charters were passed and then rescinded when the opposition party took power, but it undermined confidence in England’s companies to be left alone so they could concentrate on serving their customers and investors by upgrading plant and technology to meet the future and make a profit.  Instead the corporate leaders began to take more time to schmooze the politicians and gain their favor in anticipation of the next government swing.  This trend in England seemed to historically follow the idea of a royal family and having a king or queen in control to give orders and see that they are carried out. In the United States, on the other hand, we decided against a royal leadership a long time ago, and for 200 years our government left the private sector alone to run itself, so long as they obeyed the law, and the nation prospered under this hands-off attitude.

Now that liberal/democrat/progressives have discovered the pleasures and profits of chrony capitalism as practiced under Barack Obama, the post-war trends of England seem to be plaguing America.  If a truly conservative person were to become president in 2016 and began tearing down the EPA and the departments of Energy and Education it would be because each of these agencies has far exceeded the power granted them in the enabling legislation that created them, and each has obviously made things worse since their establishment.  But having gotten rid of these plagues on our nation by a conservative administration, the next liberal administration would likely make every attempt to establish them all over again, and our society would begin to dissolve with these wild swings, as we are currently witnessing.  So even if our nation can survive the Obama administration, will we be able to survive future leftist presidencies?

Our children are no longer being taught the benefits of capitalism and are being brain-washed with leftist bilge and a hate for obeying the law and respecting opinions contrary to their own, leaving the future of the nation in doubt.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. It’s worth noting that the far-left, radical terrorist founder of the Weather Underground, Billy Ayers, went into education and is now one of the movers and shakers in the industry. It’s also worth noting that he advocated the murder of over 25 Million Americans in order to gain power.

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