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Liberals Believe Only In Their Personal Power

Liberals, as we know them under the Obama administration, are devoid of any ideas that would improve our society or our economy, and will flip-flop on any issue in order to win votes or make their fellow citizens dependant on them for hand-outs. These people hold nothing sacred, demonstrate no patriotism, believe in no truth and no right or wrong outside of their power, and hold the constitution in total disregard.

Following are some of the unprincipled flip-flops made by these people to gain favor and win votes so as to acquire or maintain power:

John Kerry- He was for the Iraq war before he was against it.

Barack Obama-Was against gay marriage until he “evolved” in favor of it.

Hillary Clinton-favored traditional marriage until she learned to favor same-sex marriage.

Democrats-Were opposed to the 1964 Civil Rights act until they saw the political gains to be had in it, and now pretend they were the only ones in favor of civil rights all along.

Barack Obama-Promised to close GITMO until he decided it was more politically advantageous to leave it open.

Barack Obama-Promised to not rest until job creation was increased and the jobless rate reduced, while his EPA was killing jobs via new, strict regulations.  And he seems to be well rested as he repeatedly golfs and takes extended vacations, so the nation’s joblessness has not prevented his getting adequate rest.

Barack Obama-Believes that the United States needs to become more energy independent, but will not approve Key Stone nor support extended fracking, and will not allow new drilling on federal lands.

Barack Obama-Stated that Obamacare would reduce healthcare costs by $2500 per family per year, but we now know that a family’s projected annual cost will increase by several times that amount.  Obama said we would be able to keep our existing insurance if we wanted to (but we can’t) and we could keep our current doctor under his plan, but we probably won’t be allowed to under the Obamacare exchange fiasco.

Barack Obama-Wants improved education for minorities trapped in poverty and bad neighborhood schools, but kills the education voucher plan designed to help explicitly these needful students.

Democrats-Profess to want better jobs for young people just starting out and for people in poverty, but at the same time they increase the rate of pay under minimum wage law, thereby killing jobs that those entering the job market sorely need.

Barack Obama-Stated that Iran and North Korea would not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons, but has done nothing to stop their development but talk about it.

Barack Obama-Repeatedly predicted horrendous results from sequestration, and then said “never mind” when nothing bad happened (except the petty things he personally caused to happen, like cancelling White House tours for children).

Democrats-Are all for freedom of religion but condemn Christmas scenes and the display of the Ten Commandments in public places.

Democrats-Want strict gun control laws because they believe that guns, and not bad people, are the cause of shootings, but release hundreds of convicted criminals from prison (blaming Republicans and the sequester), some of whom are violent criminals, now on the loose again to commit more crimes.

Liberal News Media-Claim Constitutional protection to print the news (they tolerate the Constitution when it favors them), but in practice will not report all of the news, and instead employ a self-censorship in which they refuse to report any news harmful to their political holdings.

Liberals are intentionally destroying the U.S. society and our economy, and word must be spread to true, patriotic Americans that liberals/Democrats recognize no standards of right and wrong and that our economy will continue to flounder until the likes of Obama are removed from office.  The very fact that in the past Democrats were often solid, patriotic citizens until Obama showed them the path to raw power through dividing the nation and creating resentment among the population based on race, sex and wealth, shows how lacking in real belief-systems and compassion liberals are.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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