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I Had Enough Of This Anti-Discrimination Crap

You can call me a racist, a bigot, or anything else you can think of, but when I go into a Chinese restaurant I want to see Chinese people working there. I don’t want to see black people working there or Italian people working there or Mexican people working there, I want Chinese people working there, it makes the atmosphere much more authentic.

The reason I bring this up is because in New York City, which is run by a Communist Mayor, they have slapped a $5,000 fine on a Midtown Indian restaurant for trying to hire a server who is Indian, can you imagine that, what’s the world coming too? It seems that commission staffers have been trawling Craig’s list to ensnare unwary restaurant owners who violate the law for things like seeking a “waitress” instead of a “wait-person.”

It might be common sense that an Indian restaurant would try to hire a server familiar with its cuisine, but to the city’s enforcers, it was a glaring red flag. The law doesn’t allow ads that discriminate “based on national origin.” That is what you get from the Liberal-Progressive brain. There was no complaint from the public, there was no evidence of how many people viewed the posting, and there was no direct evidence that any qualified applicant was turned away, yet the Liberal-Progressives who run the city found it necessary to fine the restaurant owners $5,000.

When a person owns a business, they should be able to hire, fire and promote whoever they want and for whatever reason they want, after all, it is there business. If an owner wants to hire all woman, or all men, or all Peruvians that’s what they should be able to do without the government sticking its nose in.

I have said many times that I believe that all these anti-discrimination laws are unconstitutional, when the government tries to tell us what is fair for one group, they make it unfair to another group. In a free society, any person or group of persons has the right to associate with any other person or group of persons willing to associate with him or it on the basis of any standard and for any reason. And likewise, any person or group of persons has the right not to associate with any other person or group of persons on the basis of any standard and for any reason.

There is no doubt that common sense is a thing of the past in this country, but not being able to hire an Indian for an Indian restaurant is beyond belief. Even the fact that a restaurant owner can’t advertise for a waitress if that’s what he wants instead of waiters, is also beyond belief.

When will this insanity stop, when will we get common sense and freedom back in our country? When people have the balls to stand up against big government, that’s when. I think that too many people in this country have forgotten that it is we the people who are suppose to be in charge, not politicians. To many people have forgotten that this country is supposed to be a Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. I doubt if seeking a specific individual is discriminatory as if you ran an ad that said “Help Wanted but blacks or Irish need not apply.” In that case you are specifically excluding certain individuals.

    Even so, ask any gynecologist if he (or she) would ever hire a male nurse to assist in their office. The answer is NO. They’ll tell you for liability reasons, they need a female who could act as a ‘chaperone’ and who’s testimony in court would be worth more than a man’s.

    It’s just the reality, life is unfair, get over it.

  2. I read another version of this same story. The original ad was placed at least TWO YEARS ago. And it’s taken DeBlahBlahBlah this long to get to charging the Indian restaurant owner.
    But (as Billy Mays would say), THERE’S MORE!
    The restaurant WENT OUT OF BUSINESS TWO YEARS AGO, not too long after the ad was placed. (there were pictures. sad, so sad. trash in the doorway, etc) So the (non)restaurant owner never had an opportunity to act on his “discrimination”.
    I wondered at the time if the (non)restaurant owner would just ignore the summons and fine? (I know I would. wadda they gonna do? close me down? pfffft) Or if he would attempt to fight the entire thing?

    1. I think they are still looking for the guy, but they lowered the fine from $7,500 to $5,000.

  3. Oh, Chris, my old friend…..apparently no one has explained to you that ‘Common Sense” is no longer in vogue and has been replaced by political correctness and share the wealth. Also, forget that ‘free will’ thing and personal opinion junk…it’s just not ‘in’…..Ok, now that my tongue is out of my cheek, and smart alec button is off……..I fully recognize that laws and regulation keep chaos at a minimal, BUT when over reach blocks business the entire economy suffers. I wonder how many of these high falutin politician would hire a tattooed, body pierced gal with a blue mohawk to sit at the front desk to make a first impression?…….This equal opportunity/ non-discrimination has gone over board and to use one of your own $5 words, it’s crap

      1. Huggy Bear, how kind of you to say so, but gotta be honest….I ain’ta got no sense left these days. JB

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