Hillary Clinton reliving 2012 as Sanders overtakes her in key state

Without her having to shed a tear, Hillary Clinton is reliving her failed bid for President in 2012 according to a recent poll.

In a just released Boston Herald-Franklin Pierce College poll, Hillary Clinton would lose the early primary state of New Hampshire to Bernie Sanders 43.6% to 36.5% which is outside the margin of error of 4.7%.

Sanders, a self-described socialist, has been garnering huge crowds and incredible momentum indicating that the democrat base is moving farther left quicker than the Clinton camp can match.

Bernie Sanders has been slowly and steadily gaining momentum as Clinton’s scandals pile up while her inability to connect at events and in interviews has only exacerbated the problem.

In the recent poll, other confirmed and possible Democratic party candidates are far behind. Vice President Joe Biden only pulled in 9.6% while Jim Webb pulled in a paltry 1.4%. The remainder of the candidates, Martin O’Malley and Lincoln Chafee garnered less than 1% of support from poll respondents.

Clintons’ support comes primarily from wealthy women aged 35-44 while Sanders pulls in Democrat and Independent men of all ages under 65 in all wage demographics up to $100k/year. Both candidates appealed to poll respondents across all educational backgrounds.

One oddity in the poll is that Clinton was rated as “favorable” by 80.2% of respondents with 17.6% rating her as unfavorable while Sanders saw a smaller 76.1% favorable rating but just 7.9% saying he was unfavorable. Subtracting unfavorable ratings from favorable numbers, Sanders rates a 68.2 while Clinton pulls in just 62.6. Clinton’s problem appears to be that too many democratic and independent voters just don’t like her very much.

51% said they could vote for Clinton, but aren’t excited about her candidacy while 44% are excited by Sanders as a candidate.

Clinton’s run is by no means over. 59.5% of those polled said they could still change their mind leaving a yet-to-announce Joe Biden some room to affect both Sanders’ and Clinton’s numbers. and even though more would vote for Sanders in the Primary, most believe that Clinton will ultimately win by a 65-11 margin –  all this and the first DNC primary debate hasn’t even occurred yet.

The poll was run before and published the same day that reports announced that she would be turning her email server(s) over to the FBI. Pressure to release the server(s) came after testimony revealed that some of the emails that were run through those servers were classified top secret.

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