When In The Course Of Human Events…

The opening words of the Declaration of Independence prepare the reader for the justification of America’s opposition to the colonial rule of the British monarch, and relates to the reader that the Colonial Americans would stand for dictatorial rule no longer.  But today one reads these great words with a new meaning: The latest course of human events in America has taken our nation off a cliff and our nation is about to be dashed on the rocks below laid by Barack Obama in his attempts to “fundamentally transform America”.  The nut-jobs and loons in Washington, and in the Democrat party everywhere, have grown so comfortable in this wealthy capitalist society we all enjoy that they believe such wealth and comfort is “normal” and will continue forever, but they are wrong.  The lies of the left have lulled too many people into believing the abundance we all share will never end, but they will suffer along with the rest of us when they take control and the gravy train we know as capitalist America comes to a halt.

It’s the responsibility of patriotic conservatives to oppose this take-over as liberals assume absolute control of our healthcare, write new immigration laws as they see fit, and increase taxes to confiscatory levels.  But, at least in the short run, this opposition to insane liberalism will likely fail and the increased unlawful and unconstitutional power of Obama and his party appears to be inevitable as our elected Republican politicians sit back and do nothing to stop the “occupy” group in the Oval Office.

The next Republican president must not worry about being disliked as he/she plots a path to get the nation back on course.  The kooks are no longer at the fringe of society. Under Obama they are now in positions of unconstitutional power and they will rebel when attempts are made to restrict that power. Expect riots as the next administration proposes to take power back from the crazies and run the nation in observance of the constitution and duly legislated laws once again.  Expect unheard of attacks as the leftists who gained power and control under Obama begin to lose that power and fight to keep it.

Just look at the grief that Donald Trump has received, and all because he told the truth about illegal alien immigrants and our lawless class of miscreants in the Obama administration.  Trump is a hero for taking a chance and upsetting the liberals to the core.  He’s suffered personally and financially for standing up to the leftist mob, and he’s still going strong and speaking the truth about the state of our nation and the current “course of human events”.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. lets see if you remove my response THIS time. Again I sign my name right along side the signers of the Declaration of Independence to swear my life, my wealth, and my Honor to that creed!

    You know they were, by and large, wealthy men; they had everything to loose! Only Freedom to gain. And as I understand, many of them lost their wealth. WHO AMONG YOU would make the same commitment!?

    Is this what Trump is doing?

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