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Trump Was Right About McCain!!


When Donald Trump, made his now famous statement about McCain not being a war hero because he was  captured and said he liked people who weren’t captured, the media and people jumped on him like nobody’s  business.  How dare he say such a thing they said.  Even people who criticized McCain during  his  presidential  run came to his defense, but on further research I found out that Trump was right and what I  found was chilling indeed.

If McCain had never been captured we probably would never have heard about him. It’s true he was captured  and tortured and I guess that makes him a hero, but here are other POWS who were with him  who were captured and tortured and you don’t hear about them. The real reason soldiers are heroes are the ones who aren’t captured and risk their lives to save many of  their  fellow comrads in arms. Those you also don’t hear about. Those are real heroes in my eyes too and  the ones Trump was talking about. True heroes are those who go above and beyond the call of duty, doing something for others while disregarding the consequences and expecting no reward for themselves. McCain did none of that. He got himself shot down and then managed to survive being held prisoner. Those are not the ingredients of a hero. We have many true, genuine heroes in our history, and virtually none of them earned that designation by merely surviving. So what Trump is saying is that his heroes are the ones who did something extraordinary, not those who merely survived a horrendous experience. Donald Trump on Fox & Friends Defends His Sentator McCain Not A Hero Comments

Sydney Schanberg, who is a Pulitzer prize winning author on Vietnam and Cambodia and who wrote the  book “The Killing Fields” and was a city editor for the New York Times had this to say in an article  in The  Nation in  2008:

John McCain, who has risen to political prominence on his image as a Vietnam POW war hero, has,  inexplicably, worked very hard to hide from the public stunning information about American prisoners in  Vietnam who, unlike him, didn’t return home. Throughout his Senate career, McCain has quietly sponsored  and pushed into federal law a set of prohibitions that keep the most revealing information about these men  buried as classified documents. Thus the war hero who people would logically imagine as a determined  crusader for the interests of POWs and their families became instead the strange champion of hiding the  evidence and closing the books.Almost as striking is the manner in which the mainstream press has shied from reporting the POW story and McCain’s role in it, even as the Republican Party has made McCain’s military service the focus of his presidential campaign.

Reporters who had covered the Vietnam War turned their heads and walked in other directions. McCain doesn’t talk about the missing men, and the press never asks him about them.Included in the evidence that McCain and his government allies suppressed or sought to discredit is a transcript of a senior North Vietnamese general’s briefing of the Hanoi politburo, discovered in Soviet archives by an American scholar in 1993. The briefing took place only four months before the 1973 peace accords. The general, Tran Van Quang, told the politburo members that Hanoi was holding 1,205 American prisoners but would keep many of them at war’s end as leverage to ensure getting war reparations from Washington. McCain and the POW cover-up

Now it is clear why McCain blocked release of POW records. He didn’t want his own to be public.

An article by Thomas Madison, an ex-army officer and true patriot, had this to say:

American POWs from Vietnam were the bloody flag Richard Nixon wrapped himself in, on the advice of Henry Kissinger, part of a ploy to divert attention from his endless personal failings which included his agreement with North Vietnam that let them keep and later execute hundreds of American POWs.  1205 American POWs were kept by North Vietnam according to records recovered at the end of the Cold War.  President’s Clinton and Yeltsin instituted a search of Russia’s gulags looking for their remains with no success.  In 1993, armed with testimony from a former high ranking Czech security official, I proposed a systematic search of archives in Prague that recorded the fate of 200 missing US POWs from Vietnam but was blocked by Senator John McCain.  33 POWs faced execution for treason after Vietnam until Nixon pardoned all POWs.  McCain was on the list of the 33, in fact at the head of it.

Here are the facts as we know them:

  • According to Colonel Ted Guy, John McCain’s commander as a POW, McCain collaborated with the enemy.
  • McCain is accused of giving information that led to the downing of 60 US aircraft
  • McCain is accused of training North Vietnamese air defense personnel
  • McCain is accused of making over 30 propaganda broadcasts against the US, broadcasts he move d to have classified when he was elected to the senate. (I have since read that this figure is exaggerated.)

These 4 accusations are the only real and supportable accusations against McCain.  The evidence for these acts exists and is substantial.  What is stranger still is McCain’s longtime war against veterans, other POWs and their families.  When John was a bit younger and better capable of looking after himself, he was often both verbally and physically abusive to POW families, POW activists and veterans.  We hear nothing of these brutal outbursts of McCain’s though they continue to this day, now taken as the ravings of a mental defective. Powdered Wig Society The real John McCain. “33 POWs faced execution for treaso

I recently saw this interesting comment that also raises a lot of questions.

xdrfox 1 week ago

I asked how many people would not take the opportunity to be released from that POW hell because the other guys weren’t released. But when I was looking for more info on his POW experience (and still thinking of it in heroic terms) , I came across Vietnam Vets Against McCain. At first I was very skeptical of it but now I am really not sure, it truly seems like there is documented evidence. Just for starters, there is definitely evidence he made 30 anti-American propaganda broadcasts for the Communists. Other POWs who were there say they do not even believe he was tortured or mistreated after the first few days, when he told their captors his father was a 4 star Admiral. A retired colonel says several colonels wanted to have him court martialed but it was quashed. I don’t want to be misled on this, I would really much rather not believe he was a traitor even if I dont agree with him on a lot of issues, but I just would like to know some answers: * Why did he have the POW/MIA records including his own, sealed? * Why did he stop the search for POWs/MIAs? * Why did the Navy not give him his promotions he should have had (and other POWs got) for his time in captivity? * Why was he the one to press for trade relations with North Vietnam? * Why did he angrily insist no Americans were ever questioned by the Soviets, when other U.S. soldiers, the Vietnamese, AND the Soviets have all said they were? * Why at a hearing did he suddenly go embrace the North Vietnamese interrogator responsible for torturing American POWs? (was he saying “Please just don’t give the U.S. my records ?”) My uncle who was a Navy officer and was on an aircraft carrier off of Viet Nam, hated McCain and said he was a traitor, though I never heard him say specifically why. Maybe something to do with all those planes they lost from info McCain gave on the routes and targets?

As always, I report, you decide. 😉

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  1. He has been a RINO most of his political career and should have joined the National Socialist Demokrat Party many years ago.

    It is said he had a remarkable military career, POW and so on…

    Looking at him as a politician it looks like he left his spine in the Hanoi Hilton!

    I did a little research on him and this is what I found…

    He should have been grounded after three crashes!!

    However, being from a Naval family… his Father John Sidney “Jack” McCain Jr. and Grandfather John Sidney “Slew” McCain Sr. both 4 Star Admirals… the first father / son 4 Star Admirals.

    After your read the following Los Angeles Times article
    ( https://articles.latimes.com/2008/oct/06/nation/na-aviator6 ) you will see his father had to pull a lot of strings to keep his son flying … Rank has its Privileges!

    Any other man with this flying record would have been demoted to deck hand and sent to sea!

    So much for Crash RINO McCain!

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