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“The Donald” Was Right!

Liberals are so wrong and so all-encompassing in their destruction of America, that right on queue, after they savagely attacked Donald Trump for telling the truth about liberal immigration policy, one of the liberal sanctuary city lovelies (an illegal alien) killed a woman in San Francisco, proving Donald Trump (and Ann Coulter) to be correct in their recent speeches in complaint against Obama’s lawless lawlessness.

And of course, the Obama Administration’s response to the murder is not that their non-deport policy is to blame, but instead they claim that Republicans are at fault for not passing Obama’s piece of crap immigration bill last year.  If existing law had been followed by our government and this murderer had been in a U.S. jail in punishment for his former felonies, or if he had been deported to Mexico, the young woman in San Francisco would still be alive.

And along the same line, all the establishment Republicans can do is criticize Trump for his straight talk and not the lying, evil Obama who created and furthers the current idiot immigration policy.  But the greater horror of current immigration policy (and Obamacare as well) is that in the face of vast, overwhelming evidence that Americans are being hurt and even killed by Obama’s dictatorial rules, the Obama administration will not admit that their policies are wrong and attempt to change them.  Our government just pushes on through and watches as Americans and killed due to government stupidity.

How does a free and law-abiding people survive a government as lawless as this one?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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