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New bill would give union members choice in how dues are spent in elections

Bills have been introduced into the House and Senate that would allow union members to decide how their dues are donated to political efforts.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Rep. Tom Price, (R-Ga) introduced The Employee Rights Act into their respective legislative bodies that would allow union members to choose whether or not their share of union dues go to certain candidates or causes. The bill also prevents retaliation for voting against the will of Union leadership.

Democrat strategist Chuck Rocha makes the case for the legislation by saying that “democrats have been supported for years by working people and the unions, and that’s why Republicans want to bring this up.”

Sen. Hatch pointed out the conflict from Rocha’s statement: “Forty percent of the union members are Republicans, yet virtually 100 percent of money that they’ve raised, and it’s considerable money, goes to elect Democrats.”

The legislation would likely have a huge impact to democratic candidates as big labor has been a redistributive mechanism for decades. Money from hardworking people, intended to fund pensions and administrative expenses, is instead being funneled to left-leaning candidates.

Back in February, federal regulators pointed out the many union pensions are vastly underfunded all while unions spent $90 million in 2012 on campaigns:

The Labor Department says 150 union multi-employer pension funds are in “critical status,” meaning that they lack enough assets to meet at least 65 percent of their future obligations.

Union members may now have a voice in how that money is spent.

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