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Liberal Policy Is Driven By Illogic

At a time when Obama was trying to push the Chevy Volt on the nation as a gas and carbon saver, the EPA was publishing regulations that would cause many power plants to shut down, thereby depriving the Volt of its charging current.  At exactly the time we need gasoline-powered cars the most so as to have transportation during the likely brown-outs to follow on the heels of the EPA’s dictates, Obama wants us to get off gasoline and place additional load on the threatened power grid.  And even in those locations where there will be plenty of electric power left after the EPA’s edicts begin shutting down plants, the electric generating plants largely use fossil fuels to deliver the power that charges the Volt, so where is the gain?

In 2011 the Chevy Volt was reported as having a tendency to experience battery fires, so General Motors recalled all of the new cars to inspect them, but quickly ended the recall at the government’s acquiesance stating that the Volt was no more likely to cause a fire than a gasoline-powered automobile.  But that wasn’t the point of the recall, which was to determine why cars sold by GM were bursting into flames and burning down owners’ homes.  The government was protecting GM because it’s now owned and operated by the unions.  Remember when Toyota products were accused of unwanted acceleration and causing accidents a few years ago?  The government made a big deal of this in an effort to hurt non-union Toyota and sell more Chevys, but the Toyota scare was a lie.

The Keystone XL pipeline investors seek to create a new source of energy and to create new jobs and employ people currently out of work.  The aspect of the project involving jobs would seem to be one that Obama would favor because he has said numerous times that he “will not rest” until there are jobs for everyone.  Of course he didn’t say he wouldn’t play golf or vacation in Hawaii until there are sufficient jobs, but he must be tired when he golfs and plays on the beach because he’s still denying Americans jobs.  And consider his loud voice when he proclaimed that we must stop our dependence on foreign, unfriendly sources of      oil, and then balanced that statement with denying energy from a friendly source: Canada.  The Obama administration, when faced with the decision whether or not to allow people to live freely, is the party of NO!  Investors cannot provide the energy we need, nor will they be allowed to provide employment, because not “enough” jobs will be created (the government decides when there are sufficient jobs being created, and whether they are sufficiently well-paying).  However, the Obama administration will freely give money to Solyndra and Fisker even though their products are not wanted by prospective customers, and they don’t have the funding to do the things they state are their goals.
The EPA passes regulations limiting mercury in homes and businesses in order to prevent poisoning, especially in children (the liberals in government love to express their protection of children, except when the children are in the womb, or when their parents are trying to get them into a good school, at which time they are denied choice and are forced into failing government schools).  But  government bans the use of incandescent bulbs and tries to force us to buy the mercury-laden curly fluorescent bulbs that will be in all homes and will be near children in the event the bulbs are broken.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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