It’s Likely That You’re A Liberal/Democrat/Progressive If…

You think the Secretary of State having her own personal email server in her basement is a good idea.

You think allowing Russia to mine Uranium in the United States exclusively for export to Russia is a good idea.

You believe that a city with a Democrat Mayor, Police Chief and School Board president, located in a state whose Governor is also a Democrat, will produce a peaceful, prosperous city.

You believe climate deniers are mentally unbalanced and should be sent to prison.

You think the Muslim Brotherhood running Egypt was a good idea and would have worked if given enough time.

You believe that a bad deal with Iran (allowing them to continue to develop Nukes) is better than no deal.

You think that California dumping water into the ocean while the state experiences a severe drought is a really good idea.

You think that high school students not knowing the difference between the Civil War and WWII proves the success of our government-run public school system.

You believe a good Iranian Nuke meeting saw the Iranian delegates chant “death to America” less than 4 times.

You don’t believe that the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne and the sexual abuse of Monica Lewinski are a declaration of war on women by the Democrats involved.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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