Hillary Really Ropes ‘Em In

Over the July 4th weekend we all saw the rope lines that Hillary established to keep the press in line during a presentation she made.  I initially didn’t attach much significance to the roping thing, although I thought it was unnecessary given the slavish, loving treatment and coverage that all Democrats get from the press, but then I realized the true tie-in (no pun intended) between Hillary, Democrats and the press:

  1. Ropes were what southern KKK/Democrats used to hang uppity blacks.
  2. Ropes are what Democrat slave-owners utilized to bind and control their slaves.
  3. Ropes are a tradition in Democrat politics and Hillary is making good use of hers

So now it all fits: slavery, Hillary, Democrats, the press, the KKK: peas in a pod.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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