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Does Boris Karloff Work For Planned Parenthood?

A new undercover video shows Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical research, discussing the sale of fetal body parts. Between sips of red wine, she talks about crushing an unborn baby so that they can keep certain organs intact. After my disgust I thought to myself, boy Boris Karloff must be proud.

In case some of you don’t remember who Boris Karloff was, he was a famous actor from the 1930’s and 40’s, he specialized in horror movies. Some of his movies included The Body Snatchers, The Ghoul, Corridors Of Blood and of course Frankenstein. The connection between these movies and Planned Parenthood, is that they both took dead bodies and used the body parts for profit. Movies are entertaining, but Planned Parenthood is real life and Planned Parenthood is nauseating.

How, in today’s society can we allow this to happen? The answer is simple, Liberal-Progressive views and policies have taken hold of our society. Dr. Nucatola also spoke off the cuff about the fees for providing body parts to medical researchers, which she estimated at $30 to $100 per organ. Now remember, these are babies we are talking about. You would think that this kind of story would disgust everyone, but low and behold, there are people who are actually coming out to defend Planned Parenthood’s actions.

Naturally the Left-Wing media has come out to defend Dr. Nucatola A.K.A. Dr. Frankenstein. The way the Left defends it is like they do with everything, they condemn the messenger. We have seen this far too many times; they try to make the person who took the video the bad guy. Oh, they only edited the video to make the Dr. look bad, they took her out of context, she was drunk and really didn’t mean what she said. They say the same things every time an incriminating video comes out and there have been quite a few over the years.

Planned Parenthood said that a secretly recorded video that surfaced on the Internet falsely portrayed the reproductive health group’s participation in the sale of tissue and body parts from aborted fetuses. The non-profit organization said the video had been heavily edited and recorded by a group that was established to damage its reputation, see what I mean.

This is not an isolated incident either; this past week a woman named Abby Johnson watched the video and then wrote an open letter to Dr. Nucatola. Johnson has some special insight, having run a Planned Parenthood clinic. “I used to be just like you,” she wrote. “My former clinic used to harvest fetal body parts … all of the blood, body parts, and extra tissue would be collected into a glass jar.” Johnson added this: “After a grueling abortion day, we would all go out for margaritas and talk about harvesting fetal parts as if we were talking about harvesting a field of corn.” Dr. Frankenstein would be proud.

Planned Parenthood has cashed nearly $190 million worth of government checks since 2012; I think it is about time that our tax money stops flowing to Planned Parenthood. It is my opinion that a woman has the right to choose to have appendix taken out, or have her tonsils taken out, but a woman does not have the right to take the life of another human just because that human is inside her.

To finish, I would like to give my sincere apologies to Mr. Boris Karloff and any remaining family members for associating his name with that of Dr. Nucatola, how this woman can sleep at night is beyond me.

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  1. I suppose that margaritas are the novocain and sleep aide after the day these workers have had. After all that blood and gore, they need it!!! Oh, that’s right ! They could stop!!!

    Any ‘couple’ that have suffered an involuntary miscarriage would likely allow fetal studies to prevent others from the pain of losing an unborn child. For those experiencing an “unwanted” pregnancy there is a thing called ‘birth control” Seems that ‘precaution’ is preferred over murder of a wee human. I agree, a woman should have control of her own body….these same women demanding this would never ‘chose’ to wear a pair of shoes all day if they got blisters but will chose to kill……just can’t make sense of it.

  2. Excellent commentary and right on.I said the same thing to my wife.This is like out of a horror movie.I’m so glad I grew up in the time I did from 40’s to now and don’t envy what my little nieces and nephews will grow up in.

    1. I know how you feel Jim, I feel the same way about my little grand-daughter. Our society has been crumbling for some time.

  3. The horrific truth in all of this is just seeing how compliant our leadership is in going along with this and at the same time promotes these actions. What is next cannibalism? It just goes to show how valuable having an education is. Our illustrious leader has surrounded himself with academia, the reality is that there is not anything that vaguely constitutes a complete brain between all of them.

    Smarts does not work with out an ample supply of understanding in what it is that you have actually been taught. That would obviously require the half educated graduates to use the tools that God gave to them, reason and human understanding. When I say that they have been afforded half of an education, it with the knowledge that their professors rather than teach the student chose instead to program the student.

    So it is now east to see that the human gestation process is more mechanical than a miracle of nature or a blessing of God. To them abortion is no different than changing a light bulb. Same sex marriage is like building a bridge with only bolts or only nuts. The hell with engineering, just build it with lots of love. Then, when it falls down clean the mess up with love too. It’s not nice to fool mother nature, even smoky that dumb ass, uneducated Bear Knows that.

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