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Obama: Congress will be to blame for nuclear Iran

President Obama, in a press conference on Wednesday, again reinforced the false choice of a bad deal or war that is echoing through the media, but it’s Obama that put the world in this predicament.

In the press conference, Obama once again said that the now finalized nuclear deal was the only good option because sanctions were about to unravel and war was not a good option.

The President also said that if Congress rejected the deal, it would be on them when the U.N. sanctions were undone.

Not so fast.

Obama asserts that the others in the U.N. security council and Germany were bent on releasing sanctions whether a deal was struck or not. Without a deal, only the United States would maintain sanctions on a soon-nuclear Iran.

In 2006, the U.N. Security council unanimously voted to impose international financial sanctions after Iran refused to stop enriching uranium.

The failure of President Obama to maintain the alliance that was pulled together by the Bush administration illustrates a failure of leadership that has allowed negotiations to come to a capitualtory failure on the part of western nations.

Had Obama spent more time working with the permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany (P5+1) to keep the alliance focused on pressuring Iran into a weaker position, a better deal – perhaps even a good deal – may have been possible.

Talking heads and the administration will be restating the terrible options his leadership and Secretaries of State have allowed to become the two remaining choices – a bad deal or war.

The world is left with these poor choices because the United States was unable to hold together a critical alliance that had the shared vision of a nuclear-free Iran as a core belief.

Mr. President, a failure of international sanctions will not be on congress. They will be placed squarely on your head in the annals of history.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. It’s apparent that upon moving into OUR White House, Obama immediately mandated the delivery of a caravan of Scapegoats. This is hardly stunning as he never admits mistakes or wrongs…..even tell the truth. Just trots out another goat

    IF CONGRESS WILL STEP UP……he can veto all he wants. Sadly some are attached in a permanent osculating position and will have to have acetone to break them loose.

    With the total loss of respect and failed follow through it is no wonder others are reluctant to join us.

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