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Why is Trump so popular?

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 Recently famed comedian and conservative political commentator Jackie Mason was interviewed by Aaron Klein on his radio station. The famous Borscht Belt alum took aim at the Republican Party, saying the GOP “stinks because all of the Republicans have accomplished nothing, and they talk about all of these issues and do nothing about it for a whole lifetime.” Trump’s big mouth ‘will save thousands of lives’

Jackie is right on. We elected the republicans to stop Obama. They said they were going to repeal Obamacare. They said they were going to stop amnesty. They have the power of the purse and once they got in, they betrayed us and bent over and kissed Obama’s rear end and gave him everything. If Trump doesn’t get the nomination I hope he goes third party. I’d vote for him there in a New York minute. Besides, I’d love to see that gorgeous wife he has as first lady. I don’t want Jeb in or Hillary in there.

As one great comment I saw said: Kay Kay 

America needs a Patriot. Someone who has dared to succeed in an area other than politics. Someone who has changed their stance and freely admits it, someone who has failed and picked themselves up to be their own man.
We need someone who will fight and not be afraid of being shut down as politically incorrect and who will speak freely.
If a Patriot was a Democratic and changed his party affiliations, I’ll still vote for him. If a Patriot files bankruptcies in his quest to be a great businessman, I’ll vote for him. If a Patriot is divorced, speaks brashly and is uncouth, I will vote for him.

I’ll take a Patriot any day over a pure and driven politician.

 America is tired of the lying and scheming by those fools on the hill. Trump is telling the truth and both parties are scurrying like a pack of roaches. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK.

It’s somewhat breathtaking to finally have a candidate stand up and say it like it is. We have too many mealy-mouths and mouse-like politicians holding office in Washington. They mostly talk a good story but seldom embark on meaningful actions resulting in real positive change. They are more or less “all sizzle no steak.”

Ted Cruz is a good man and has endorsed Trump, but Ted has a squeaky, nasal tone to his voice that shows weakness. Rand Paul is a good man, but too soft spoken. Ben Carson is a good man and very wise, inspirational in his life story and extremely intelligent and has lots of common sense, but he too is soft spoken and you have to be loud and out -going and boisterous if you want to be in public office and go against Hillary. Jeb Bush is too soft and supports amnesty and common core which people are against. He’s too much of a RINO to appeal to his base. I like Carly Fiorina and would love to see her go against Hillary, but she is too sophisticate for the great unwashed or low information voters that vote in this country. She too is soft spoken and you have to be very aggressive and boisterous like Trump to win elections these days and stay in the public eye. Fiorina: Obama has ‘burned bridges of trust’ | TheHill
Now because of Trump all the other candidates are changing their positions including Hillary. She used to support sanctuary cities now she’s against them. Trump resonates with people after having to deal with the corrupt lies and transformation of America by Obama and his socialist administration ilk making us all wards of the state. Trump lit the fuse under the sleeping giant and now they have awakened and hope they stay vigilant and awake. If republicans lose this election then they can only blame themselves and kiss their party good-bye for good. As one commenter on World Net Daily so aptly put it.


“I bet right now, John Boehner is shining Obama’s shoes, while Mitch McConnell is cleaning Obama’s golf clubs, hey John, hey Mitch, when you Rino BOYS finish that job, your boss Obama want you to wash his Limo.”

This is why Trump is so popular.

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