No More Shakespeare. Racist Liberals Deny US Our Heritage.

Dane Dusbiber, an English teacher in Sacramento, will no longer teach Shakespeare because he was white.  In other words: she’s a racist and wants “white” things forbidden.  Maybe we should also stop allowing people to buy washing machines or microwave ovens and the unheard-of convenience they provide.  After all, microwave ovens are made using engineering standards, materials and procedures that are of “white” design and invention. How about the commercial jet aircraft that many people use for pleasure and business travel?  Aircraft are “white” inventions.  The cure for Polio was discovered by a “white” guy.  And although many people of color and diverse ethnic backgrounds are engineers, doctors, scientists and manufacturers and make many things that we all need and use, these people are using techniques developed by “white” people, as the good teacher uses the word.

Ms. Dusbiber would deny her students the background of their own culture by denying them Shakespeare and whatever else she and other racist liberals personally don’t understand or like.  The reason education is so dreadful in the United States at present is because people like Ms. Dusbiber refuse to teach the basics of western culture and the enormous advances, liberties and prosperity that derive from its teachings.  We are living today with a package deal of historically provided accomplishments in a constitutional democracy combined with the prosperity and freedom that comes from Capitalism and allows us to live more comfortably than any other society in the recent or distant past. If the likes of Ms. Dudbiber are allowed to bury the traditions and thinking of our predecessors, we will lose our pleasant lives and revert to the misery and want that our forebears worked to overcome and finally succeeded in eradicating.

The United States is currently experiencing the un-policing of our cities while gangs of criminals break the law and attack the police, and it’s in part due to liberal thinking like the Sacramento teacher’s, which states that all is relevant, that there are no guidelines we need to recognize nor follow and that we just need to do things that feel good, and if it doesn’t feel good to read Shakespeare (after all he’s an old guy using an old language), we’ll just forbid him and forget that part of our heritage. Denying Shakespeare, Marx or any other of our writers and thinkers will mean losing much of what makes our current lives possible, at least in part because it is allowing the deniers to pretend historical events were unimportant or never happened.

So when our good teacher uses her IPAD she had better realize that she’s using the tool of a “white” guy, and she should consider what will happen to her comfortable life if “white” ideas go away, which is exactly what she professes.  Whether it’s Japan, India or Peoria, a free people who value and use the education that has resulted in worldwide advancement in health care, science  and convenience, are prospering, and societies that are closed and deny the free discussion of ideas, are suffering.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Some interesting and, I think, valid points. Whether it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’, the school lessons are planned and approved of NOT by individual teachers. This rather ( loosely called) ‘administration’ and given licence to every one to do as it pleases them without challenge or consequence, rational or not. This resonates of the ’70’s when it was flower power and ‘if it feels good do it’ days….By the way, Dave, you do know what’s in the middle of all those washers, don’t you?

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