Is John Kerry Really An Idiot, Or Does He Just Play One On TV?

Recently the Secretary of State, John Kerry, said that the world has never been safer than it is today.  Really Mr. Kerry?  Could you possibly be more wrong?

James Clapper, our Director of National Intelligence, stated immediately after Kerry made his ridiculous statement, that “2014 will have been the most lethal year for global terrorism in 45 years”.  Does that sound like a pretty safe world to you, Mr. Kerry?

And recently James Comey, the Director of the FBI, stated that ISIS is now in all 50 states of America.  Does this statistic make you more comfortable, Mr. Kerry?

The entire Obama administration in not only at odds with reality, they border on absolute derangement.  Remember when Marie Harf, spokesperson for the Department of State, told us that all the terrorists need to deflect them from their murdering ways is a good job? These people are straight-up fools.  And they reflect the opinion and position of their anti-American boss, Barack Obama.  With these people in charge our nation is in great peril.  The entire Obama administration is at odds with reality, the truth and the American people.  And now that Obama has taken control of the internet with over 300 pages of new regulations, the voices raised against him and his ridiculous ideas will be increasingly silenced.

It’s indisputable that Obama has achieved his goal of “fundamentally transforming America”.  He is silent on the subject of external threats to the security and safety of America, lies every time he opens his mouth, and he is taking giant steps to silence peaceful, loyal opposition from Conservatives to his own perverse ideas of how America should conduct the business of state and protect America from foreign enemies.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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One Comment

  1. Dave, Welcome to our little piece of sanity site. While I find all of your comments wholly accurate, I’d like to add that ‘we the people’ must take pity and recognize that 99.9% of those in this administration were born with mental defects, some more severe than others. Somehow ??? A role reversal occurred and we put ‘them’ in charge. !! Yikes!!

    whether this mind set is genetic or drug induced….it must not be ignored and each and everyone of us has the responsibility of acting to ‘right this ship’ before they sink it. Our arsenal is the CAN in AmeriCAN through letters, calls, posting on social networks, email or ridding the Congress of weak links….maybe even running for an office our selves.

    looking forward to more from you.

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