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Enough With The Gender Neutral Crap

I have truly had enough of the gender neutral crap, I just don’t understand it.

News flash: men and women are different.

There are people out there that have to come to the realization that men are better at some things and women are better at others, that’s just the way things are, nature has seen to that.

The political correctness of pushing women into jobs they do not qualify for is making Americans less safe, take New York for instance. One woman applied for the fire fighters test, she tried six times to pass New York’s Functional Skills Test within the 17-minute, 50-second deadline. Five times she couldn’t finish at all; on the sixth try, she needed 22 minutes. Women’s groups claim the test is needlessly difficult and unfairly bars women. Trainees wearing 50 pounds of gear and breathing through an air tank must climb six stories, raise ladders, break down doors and drag a dummy through a dark tunnel, all at breakneck speed. Sounds like firefighting to me.

Not only in New York, are court orders compelling Chicago to relax its standards? Two federal class-action lawsuits brought by women who flunked that city’s firefighting tests claimed that the exams required more than what is actually needed to be an effective firefighter. Women’s groups are always shouting that they can do the work same as a man, if that’s the case, let them pass the same test that a man does.

What about that woman in New York? “They’re going to allow the first person to graduate without passing because this administration has lowered the standard,” said insider, who is familiar with the training. Lowering standards in any field makes no sense what so ever, women and minorities should have to pass the same test that everyone else does.

Recently, the Army allowed women to participate in Ranger School. The Army Times reported in February that 100 women went into the pre-training phase, and in April, 19 women qualified for the Darby Phase, which is the next step, all failed but three, those three will be allowed to start over from the beginning of the first phase of Ranger School. If the Army Rangers start lowering standards, we are in trouble.

There was a report out not to long ago which said women, after three years of fighting fires, their bodies start to break down, women are just not built for that kind of physical work. There is no shame in that, that is just the way nature intended, I couldn’t be a trapeze artist and there is no shame in that either.

We need to get back to some kind of reality in this country, political correctness has gone crazy. Genders are different and races are different, lowering standards and pushing people into positions they do not qualify for is not only harmful to our society, but is downright stupid.

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  1. Inspite of them both being strong engines, a lawn mower engine just doesn’t work well in a truck….& I might add, nor is the reverse obtainable….Could it be that they weren’t intended to? DUH?

    THE objection to all of this caca del toro that always is first in my mind is that women in these fields not only put their partner in danger, but his entire family. Police, military, firefighters and any other occupation requiring strong physical abilities.

    AND…look at all the fun we’d miss if genders are the same !!! Give me “Venus & Mars’ any day!!

    Should those engines become inter changeable there won’t be any kiddos to leave society to

  2. Jan we are already paying the price for this stupidity, births are way down compared to 20 years ago.

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