Will Our New Jewish President Treat Israel Better Than He’s Treated America?

Our idiot president recently said that he is the closest thing our nation has ever had to having a Jew in the White House.  This is a very illuminating comment and shows the dark way his mind works, given the hate that this man has for Israel, its leaders and its sovereignty, while expressing nothing but admiration and complements for the Arab forces surrounding and threatening Israel every day of the year.  He has done everything in his power to publicly humiliate Netanyahu, has threatened to shoot down Israeli jets if they launch at Iraq, and has threatened to withhold assistance and supplies to Israel if conflict erupts in the area.  The only reason this deranged man can make such a statement is to cover for the destruction he’s done to America, and hope no one notices the obvious lie.

Can Obama be sane?  We’ve all heard him blame Bush for the mess in Iraq, then take credit for establishing a stable nation there, then praise himself for pulling the troops out of the “stable democracy”, then offhandedly dismiss ISIS as a JV team and worthy of no notice, then state that they will be “destabilized” and not completely defeated and destroyed, as they should be. Then as ISIS is successful at taking over large sections of Iraq and Syria and is seen to murder, rape and enslave tens of thousands of people in their path, he actually claims that the plan he has developed is being successful and he will continue to press the plan that is now, indeed, losing.  Andon top of all that, he ignores the fact that ISIS has established nests in all 50 states right here at home.  How can this fool man be so self-delusional?  And how can congressional Republicans refuse to impeach this threat to our nation?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. When I first heard this woeful lament I checked to make sure my ears didn’t have a wax build up. No, I heard it right and was in disbelief ! When David Axelrod was the one that ‘leaked’ this touching moment, I knew it wasn’t out of Obama’s mouth. Obama may meet the homosapien anatomical description of a man, but definitely is not Jewish, they are a people of honor.

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