Presidential Canditates for the 2016 Election

The officially-announced candidates for the 2016 Presidential Election (in last name alphabetical order) are:

  • Republicans
    • Dr. Ben Carson
    • Ted Cruz
    • Mark Everson
    • Rand Paul
    • Marco Rubio
  • Democrats
    • Lincoln Chafee
    • Hillary Clinton
    • Jim Webb

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Well, you certainly left this wide open…inviting questions, corrections and all kinds of opinions…I, believing that all opinions have some value, will share mine.
    Your opinion is important, so is mine.
    Even when we differ, we can still
    be good traveling companions on our path
    to a shared destination.

    Frankly, I have not made a decision as there are far too many questions to be answered. I know what I DO NOT want. (like reruns, family legacies, Constitutional illiterates, and those sprinkled in Machavillian dust.

    That said, I recognize that my personal choice may not be shared by the majority of my party. As we are traditionally governed by majority rule, I have another choice to make….I can continue to be a victim Domestic Abuse and accept a life of bondage….or….I can accept the choice of other true Americans and seek ‘temporary’ refuge in a Safe House that will allow the healing to begin….Then, with renewed strength and supplies, I can gather support for my goals.

    Until the primaries, I will continue to vet those nearest the ‘specific’ criteria I have set. I know ‘ideologies’ of any nature can be dangerous and that the President of this Phenomenal Nation must serve us all….even leftist.

    1. I’m with you on that. This is just the start – working on individual posts for each candidate to describe their history and positions which will be linked to from this page and the new 2016 Elections page. Stay tuned, more info coming.

      1. That’s great!!! I am doing something similar with focus on top 3-4 front runners for my contact list and it’s quite a task…knowing you fact check, I’ll no doubt ‘steal’ from you. It is vital that information other than just the visual be part of our decision making and yet far too many rely on sound bytes & slogans to avoid using their ‘valuable’ time to do the leg work. You have my address, let me know if I can help….

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