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‘Killing Jews is Worship’ Sign Now Legal in New York

A Federal judge has ruled that bus and subway signs saying “Killing Jews is Worship that Draws us Closer to Allah” are legal and free speech.

The second part of the sign says “That’s his Jihad. What is Yours?”

Killing Jews is HeavenlyThe sign is a public information campaign by the American Freedom Defense Initiative in response to recent aggression by Islamic extremists and Islamic states like Iran that have the crystallized vision of a world without Christians, Jews, Israel or America.

First off, the AFDI understand the Islamic extremists better than our own public officials. They are clearly stating the goals of Islamic extremists and trying to make sure that other Americans get the picture.

Political correctness zealots have been trying to portray the effort as an anti-Muslim campaign. The judge ruled that the ad campaign is not anti-anything and can go forward.

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  1. Well, ‘someone’ just HAD to be the first to offer a counter sign…”Thou shalt slay those who attack the Constitution for personal gain”….that’s my defense, what’s yours?

    OK, now waiting to hear from Jerry, Chris, Al, Rich et all……your turn

    1. Those who succeed on their own, are to be called out and ruined. That’s her mission, what’s yours? [imagine admonishing picture of Hillary]

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