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Obama to go on Offense – with nothing to lose

obama_accessory_to_murderPresident Obama made clear to Democrats, in a closed-door meeting, that he intends to do everything possible to obstruct the newly-elected Republican congress.

Politico reports, Obama is going shock-and-awe to stop the popularly-elected Congress:

According to several sources at the Thursday summit in Baltimore, Obama vowed to defend his agenda against Republicans in Congress, promised to stand firm against GOP efforts to dismantle his agenda and called on his Democratic colleagues to help sustain his expected vetoes. The president also was explicit over his administration’s opposition to an Iran sanctions bill, promising to veto legislation with his administration in the midst of multilateral nuclear negotiations with the Middle Eastern regime.

This President has nothing to lose. As a second-term, lame-duck and largely unpopular leader has no political capital, prestige or honor left to give up. He cannot be re-elected, no Democrat wants them on their campaign stops and every leader in Congress that supported his agenda is… no longer a leader (R.I.P Harry and Nancy.)

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The difficulty the President faces is that many other re-electable Democrats don’t actually agree with him. It would seem that about 40% of Democrats support the Keystone XL Pipeline and moderate Dems are ready to bump heads with the lame-duck President:

Centrist Democrats have criticized President Obama for the time it has taken to review the project, and are trying to pass legislation to approve Keystone XL.

These Democrats are in-danger of losing their seats as their constituents face real day-to-day costs like gas and groceries. Obama’s policies have done nothing to help them and the President’s new obstructionist stance just infuriates those already tired of the inability of Washington to do much of anything.

The President of change and working together is now the President of “My way or the highway.” Then again.. hasn’t he always?

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  1. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! The Republican House passed hundreds of bills that Dem Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid refused to bring to the floor of “his” Senate for a vote. How is that the Republicans’ fault? Obama’s Democrats have become the real Party of No. Real cuts to the federal budget? No. Entitlement reform? No. Tax reform? No. Protecting our borders? No. Putting Americans first? No. Democrats never have a problem with being obstructionists when they’re not in power, as Dear Leader is so anxious to prove. Go on the offensive, he says? Everything about Obama is offensive.

  2. YOU WANT to save the country,JUST WHO IS IT your planning to save??? never thought about that did you? the queers,the child molsters in government?the school teachers who destroyed your children?,or maybe the welfer whores who took your kids,because your house didn’t fit their IDEAS of life in a destroyed country,or maybe you wanted to really just save your family???HERES a word to the wise,GET READY ‘WAR IS COMING” and food and water,GUNS AND BULLETS,thats what will save you………if you hate that,YOUR ALREADY DEAD…or in a FEMA DEATH CAMP……..AT this point in time YOUR HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE EITHER……….Remember your children think your going to save them,ARE YOU..?????

  3. HAHAHA,you think this can be fixed,hahaha,YOU ARE DREAMING,the entire government IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,and your death will prove it,cause if you just look at the military,their gearing up to kill you,look at the police gangs,THEIR gearing up to kill you,and that says nothing of all the FOREIGN MILITARY who are here to kill you,YOU WILL FIGHT OR DIE,and thats the choice you have left………..

  4. It’ time to get on our knees and cry out to God ( Jesus Christ ) for His wisdom,and help! This president and his NWO friends have every intention of destroying all freedoms and Rights we have enjoyed as a Christian nation,and most likely you,and I with it. Today I read the democrat’s want a Muslin put on the congressional Intelligence committee, how treasonous! Join with us the Righteous of God in Christ Jesus, in prayer asking for Gods Divine intervention for our nation,and its people.

  5. Time to put this Muslim in Gitmo !

  6. It is imperative that Obama be Impeached and Imprisoned – as well as the rest of the traitors selling our future out!

    Do it now Congress – Military – and anyone left with some Kahunas: Arrest and Imprison Obama, Soros, Brezinski and the rest of the traitors!

  7. The article and comments all have merit. Both Obama and McConnell have remarked about ‘working with the other party”. This is typical speak to appear to extend a hand of friendship and a willingness to consider opposing views. It’s been used so long it is stale and generally means just the opposite. And it’s a CYA later on. Lobbyist have an undeniable influence so a form of payola is in play……Yes, DC is out of control and dictating….WHO elected and re-elected them? Obviously, in many cases, the vetting committees have failed us and it’s our individual responsibility to ‘do it ourselves’ and rely on our own discovery.

    Realize that to serve ALL the people it if sometimes necessary to give to get….I just ask that they don’t give away the whole farm

  8. They are all bad actors on the same payroll!! DC is not asking but telling us what they will do!!

  9. And just this morning I heard Mitch McConnell say that he is sure that the Republicans can work with this president. I believe that this Republican leadership is either the most ignorant people in the world or they have their heads stuck so high in the clouds that their feet never touch the ground. Either way they are prime pickings for this tyrannical president and the Democrats at large. The problem with these establishment Republicans is they really do not want to lead, they feel more comfortable sitting back and whining. Our country is in for two really bad years, a tyrannical president and a weak sister congress is a blueprint for disaster.

    • …or they’ve been bought off, or they’re one side of the same coin. I don’t think they’re stupid or ignorant people.

      • Exactly. Instead of a two party system, we have a one war party system.

        There has been no change under obama, he is following the same war plans as the bush/cheney crime team were following. The last countries on the list to be attacked are Syria, Iran & Saudi Arabia and obama is doing everything he can to invade these last three, on whatever lies they can muster to do it.

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