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Obama: Brain Dead In Chief

I could not believe the headline I just read. “Obama says US less racially divided since he took office.”  Do we have a commander in chief that is brain dead?  Is he ignoring what is going on in this country?  Or is he doing what he does best, lying to the American people to protect his own ass?

How can anyone in this country think that race relations are better off now?  Obama has divided this country more than it has ever been. Obama said, “I actually think that it’s probably, in its day-to-day interactions, less racially divided.”  A Bloomberg Politics survey out this month found a majority of Americans – 53 percent – feel interactions between white and black communities have deteriorated since Obama took office.  He knows what he is doing. He came into office to divide.  No one is going to tell me any different.

Obama has not only lost respect in this country, but around the world as well. “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,” said the North Koreans. It wasn’t the first time North Korea has used crude insults against Obama”s administration. Earlier this year the North Koreans called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry a wolf with a “hideous” lantern jaw.  In May, North Korea’s news agency published a dispatch saying Obama has the “shape of a monkey.”

How long will the American people put up with a president like this?  With an approval rating at 36%, I guess not long.  This country has been falling apart for the past six years, more than I have ever seen it, and I lived through the 60’s when I thought this country was really falling apart.  We need a uniter, not dividers, as long as the Democratic Party is in office we will never see a united country. We have in Obama and Holder, the two biggest dividers,  Speaking of Holder, if there was ever a racist, it is him.

The America that I used to know is no longer, and I am not the only who feels that way.  Can we get it back? Yes, if we get another Reagan, a man who spoke of the greatness of America, for the greatness of America, not a division of America, which Obama has constantly done.  All anyone has to do is look at the speeches Obama has given to see how he has divided our country, how he dislikes this country.  Once Obama is gone, and his crony Holder is gone, America will get back to greatness, hopefully, Not only here, but around the world. There was once a feeling that America was great.  That disappeared 6 years ago. We have not yet felt the destruction Obama has done.  In the coming years, we will see.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. “With an approval rating at 36%”

    So you called Obama out for lying but then you go on to lie about Obama appovel rating lol
    Obama appovel raing has been going up since December

    1.Obama 48% Gallup poll
    2.Obama 49% Rasmushion poll
    3.Obama 48% CNN poll

    So next time at least get the facts straight

    P.S. I will tell you what I told the democrats in 2006 when they thought it was end the of the world because Bush was still in office .

    The sky is not falling and having a lame duck president for 2 more years is not the end the of the world
    So man up ,move on with your life and try to more upbeat about the future or the next election lol

    1. Highest rate 78% lowest 36% sorry it’s not a minute by minute acct. Either way he is still one of the worst presidents ever.

      1. So let me get this straight

        1. Presidents James Buchanan and Franklin Pierce made decisions the lead to a civil war that resulted in the deaths of an estimated 750,000 soldiers and an undetermined number of civilian casualties

        2.President Rutherford B. Hayes cut a deal in 1877 that condemned blacks to discrimination in the
        south for a 100 years

        3. Presidents Martin Van Buren and Hover presided over economic crisis that whould make today look nice by comparison

        4. President andrew jackson did horrible thing and unspeakable things to native americans

        Yet President Obama is somehow the worst ever lol
        Do yourelf a favor and go read more about the history of our Presidents

    2. Some how you are missing the point of my article. Obama is a divider like all socialists are. Do I believe he is a full blown Socialist? No, but he is without a doubt one at heart. I did not agree with all presidents, Bush or otherwise, but I always believed they had the best interest of America at heart, I don’t get that with Obama, he only demonizes America, and his words back that up. The man is a total liar, just look at his speeches. Everything from Obama-care to Benghazi, I can write a 5 page article about all the lies he has said. I don’t like to criticize people for their opinions, but who ever believes in Obama, is an A-Hole. The man is a complete moron, someone is pulling his strings. And by the way A. Jackson is one of my favorite presidents.

      1. I did not agree with all presidents, Bush or otherwise, but I always believed they had the best interest of America at heart


        I hate to break It to you but this is not even close to being true and it is a prime example of why you should read more about the history of our presidents

        Trust me when I tell you that we have had presidents in that office who only cared about power and did not have the best interest of America at heart at all

    3. Rex, maybe you should check back into your unit on the psych ward and have that thorazine IV reinserted.

  2. I guess these Libs believe what they want, I saw a stat that ObO was at 32%. I agree with you Chris He sucks, no matter which way you look at it.

  3. #1 We have no leader by any name….#2 Ask Malcolm X’s replacement about race relations, he is encouraging blacks to kill all whites….that’s not an improvement in my books. No man is perfect as is no president but this guy plays at a T-Ball level & is yet to reach manhood.

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