Giving Black’s A Free Pass

Well, this is where we have come to in this country, why don’t we just hand out a get out of jail free card to every black person in America. I t seems today blacks are never at fault for anything, it is always the bad white people and the police who are the real villains, blacks are always innocent victims.

In the recent incident in Ferguson, it was the police that were at fault, doesn’t matter that the victim was a criminal, who was high on drugs (marijuana was found in his blood.)  If Michael Brown had actually put his hands up and said don’t shoot, he would probably be alive today. Instead Brown attacked Officer Wilson when he stopped him on the street and punched Wilson when the officer was still in his patrol car and attempted to take his gun.


Just like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown was the bad guy in that situation, but as it seems to be in these types of situations, the black guy was the saint who was wronged. Now we have the Communist Party of America and the Socialist Party of America stoking the fires of protest. Did I mention that both of those party’s backed Obama for president, is that a coincidence?

Liberals and the Liberal media have all jumped on the bandwagon of blaming the police, who were just doing their job. A cop shot a bad guy who was trying to kill him. The grand jury documents make perfectly clear that Michael Brown was entirely responsible for his own death.  About half-dozen black witnesses supported Officer Wilson’s version of what happened, yet all the protesters seem to believe otherwise. It is obvious that they only wanted one outcome, no matter what the evidence turned out to be.

What about the Liberal New York Times, who published the name of the street on which Officer Darren Wilson lives, do you think there is an agenda there? In New York City they stopped their highly effective stop & frisk program because it targeted to many black neighborhoods, when it just so happens those neighborhoods are where 90% of the crimes are committed. Do all the race hustlers care that stop & frisk helped save black lives, of course not, it doesn’t fit into their agenda, which is to divide the people.

Where are the Liberals when it comes to protecting all those small business owners who lost their stores because of all the rioters who only cared about stealing whatever they could lay their hands on? They could not care less about Michael Brown. Time after time, Liberals think it is their responsibility to make excuses for black criminals. Instead of making excuses for them, why don’t they teach them not to be criminals, or maybe teaching them to be responsible for their actions? Teaching them, when things do not go their way, it has to be racism, will get them no where in life.

With all the laws, programs and policies the government has handed to the black population, why is it they are still on the bottom of the totem pole? Did they ever think that maybe it is because of those same laws, programs and policies that are keeping them down? Let’s face it; Liberals could not exist unless they had a cause that they can blame on American society, as long as they keep making excuses for blacks, blacks will stick with them, not realizing that Liberals are the reason they are at the bottom of the totem pole. The lesson to be learned here is; as long as Liberals keep convincing blacks they are victims, they will remain so.

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raceThis is one man’s opinion.


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  1. You are too kind Chris. What we have is a stark demonstration of democracy at work. As we all know democracy means rule of the majority. We live in a Republic. In Ferguson the Rule of Law – a Republic – has been Shanghaied by Democracy – the rule of the angry mob! They have decided the “law” is based on their emotions – not justice.

    “Anyone who does not protect the rights of the smallest minority of all – the individual – is a hypocrite when they claim to support the rights of any minority!” (paraphrased) Ayan Rand!

    The mob mentality is that of the tribe (the collective – communism). This isn’t a veiled racial slur as it applies to any gang-like mentality! The individuals that make up the mob are insecure, stupid, little-minded people and incurably selfish COWARDS! In other words a bunch of spoiled Brats! The Blacks and any other category of humanoid involved do themselves the dishonor of demonstrating that they belong in the jungle – not civilization! There is no excuses for them! If 100% of black people acted as they did we could offer an excuse – that they are untermenchen (subhuman), Neanderthals, or another species! But they are not! Millions of Blacks have attained success and live as ordinary citizens of the United States! So these fools have no excuses! – only their cowardly 2-dimensional inferiority complexes and dysfunctionality. They need to GROW UP!

    Derrell Poole

  2. Well said Derrell, both intelligent and respectful of the hard working and respectable black Americans who abide by the rule of law. Ferguson is an example of mob rule that is ginned up by the race baiters. Al Sharpton is a thread from the fabric of this administration that wants to pull the wool over the eyes of the people they are supposed to govern. This is just another example of how displaced this President really is along with his court of minions.

    I recall fondly the days when real news was reported in thirty minutes. Then I am quickly jerked back to the reality of today’s agenda driven twenty four hour distortion of any truth at all. We have a media with their assumed power in a shameless on slot against human liberty and freedom. America is not a nation of prejudiced people and that is the honest truth. The majority of Americans are more than willing to help one another, and we do everyday. That isn’t good press though. Today unfortunately the journalist’s pen has become a weapon, a gun in the wrong hands to steal the American spirit. Our televisions are now a torch to fuel unrest through the naive.

    I wonder at times that with all of our education and worldly ways, that we have become so smart and politically correct that we have topped the human pinnacle. Are we incapable of making an honest judgment on our own? Or are we so lacking in any common sense at all that we have now become Derrell’s cavemen?

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