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Whitehouse Fence-Jumper Reportedly on Anti-Depressents

white houseOmar Gonzalez hopped the White House grounds fence, got into the building and reportedly even gained access to the Presidential Residence before Secret Service agents were able to stop him. What the reports downplay is that Omar was probably on anti-psychotic medications – just like several other recently dangerous events.

Mr. Gonzalez, 42, served his county in the U.S. Army from 1997 until medical retirement in 2008. While the Army won’t share member’s reasons for leaving the service, Omar’s wife did.

Omar’s ex-wife says he was medically retired due to plantar fasciitis (a foot disorder) and that he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). His ex-wife also confirmed that Omar had been prescribed medications for PTSD.

Traumatic events affect people in different ways. Some can wall-off the event(s) and carry on. Others are affected by the event(s) for long periods of time. For those haunted by past events, medications are often prescribed.

The most common medicines offered are SSRI’s, or,  Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors. These are considered anti-depression medications.

What’s odd is how much the reports downplay the condition and the medication. While PTSD can often be treated with therapy and support, the rapid increase in the use of anti-psychotic drugs to treat conditions like PTSD and ADD is alarming.

This fence-jumping event is just the latest high-profile event to feature someone on anti-depressants. Columbine, Sandy Hook, the Navy Yard, the Aurora theater shooting, and many many more all were performed by men on anti-psychotic meds.

Recent reports have demonstrated that anti-psychotic medications re-arrange the brain’s architecture almost immediately. What could go wrong?

A single dose of a popular class of psychiatric drug used to treat depression can alter the brain’s architecture within hours. – The New York Times

Most Americans could not even fathom how they or a family member might react if their brain chemistry was suddenly altered. Pushing it on war veterans and troubled teens may not be all that responsible and worse, could be a factor in recent high-profile violence.

At some point, our leaders need to consider the role anti-psychotics play in violent events – so why don’t they?

Congressional members and the President are heavily lobbied by drug makers. Anti-psychotic drugs are a huge boon to drug-maker’s bottom lines. The math is not that hard.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. This was not a politically motivated act…it was not a crime. If there is anything criminal about it….that’s on us, not Omar.

    ONLY when incidents like this happen do we ‘pay attention’. We say more study and research needs to be done. After a few days, even that is forgotten. We know this ‘condition’ exists (and has for almost 50 years) Now, (goodie for us) we’ve give it a name PTSD…..and…we still use the SAME basic medications/treatments as we did in the post Viet Nam era. Medicate and send home (if here is one)

    Forty five years ago, my brother-in-law returned from Viet Nam, displaying the symptoms. First he painted the Mormen Temple black& was hospitalized for about 10 days,given a prescription & released. A few months later, he painted the limbs of his 3 children red and was bandaging them. This time it was 30 days in the hospital and more meds. A year later the final ‘episode’ was when he put a bullet in his head…..WOW what progress in 45 short years!!

    Cause and Cure research on this disease should equal that of any other. We spend millions to study obesity, even the drinking habits of 30yr old Australians.. WHY NOT THIS?

    Rather than increasing ‘humanitarian aide’ to China (of all countries) as Obama wants, let’s direct it to research & care.

    The ‘public’ may be war weary, so what!!? Our vets are still fighting.

    Omar Gonzales may have shown us a ‘security flaw’, but let us examine the symptoms that …caused…his action.

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