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State Of The Union 2014

Weary citizens have a pretty good idea of what to expect, summing up tonight’s #SOTUInThreeWords, while a new Rasmussen poll reveals that 62% of Americans feel SOTU is ‘mostly just for show’. It is, in all reality, nothing but a circus!

If you want to play along in tonight’s 2014 State Of The Union Drinking Game: The Executive Authority to Take a Drink, check out the Official Rules and Guidelines! There’s also a new State Of The Union Bingo game. Play along, and see if Obama checks all the boxes!

You can also get a looking inside the #InsideSOTU Campaign. And if you are a Duck Dynasty fan, be on the lookout for Willie Robertson, who will be attending. Be sure to keep your eyes on Harry Reid, who says he has fallen asleep during State of the Union in the past.

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that “when Obama mounts the podium tonight for the State of the Union Address and looks into the cameras, no one is going to believe him when he says how terrific everything is”. This latest poll reveals that 68% of the American public is less than impressed with his presidential performance! The truth is, there is a lie that hangs over the State of the Union! The GOP has put out an ad blasting ‘Empty Suit’ Obama ahead of tonight’s State Of The Union Speech. The very sad truth is the state of the union is divided, troubled and deteriorating! Will tonight’s State of the Union bring a greater divide? Or will Obama get his mojo back

It doesn’t matter if Obama gets his mojo back or not. Barack Obama’s own cousin says he is the “worse president in our time!” Questions about Obama’s competency plague his Administration. But the truth is, Obama is not America! Wake up! YOU are America, NOT Barack Obama! But too many American’s today do not want to stand up and fight for this country, they are more interested in “looking for a little humor in their political news”. How can the State of the Union be strong when both parties can’t stand each other? A viral video is actually making the rounds which actually “glorifies America’s problems: pot, steak, and vodka.”  All the while, we continue to ask God to bless America, and wonder why we have the problems we have in our country!

The BIG NEWS for tonight’s SOTU Address is that OBAMA TO DISQUALIFY HIMSELF FROM OFFICE OF PRESIDENT, choosing to stick with his pattern of utter Lawlessness! So what else is new?!

Valerie Jarrett has declared that Americans are “hungry” for an Imperial Presidency, and White House adviser John Podesta announced that President Obama is “warming up” to the idea of  ruling like a dictator! Remember when he “assured” Americans that he was the President, not a dictator? Now an Internal Memo reveals that Obama is deadly serious about launching his full dictatorship in 2014! He also wants everyone to invest in government debt as their retirement. He’s going to need your money, because he’s going to ignore Congress and give a 39% raise to government drones with an Executive Order! These Executive Orders are “very dangerous”, and John Boehner has even issued a “stern warning” to Obama concerning his Executive Orders, telling him, “We have a Constitution!”  Do you think Barack Obama really cares about the Constitution? He’s already proven he’s going to do things his way, come hell or high water!

Meanwhile, Obama’s ever-faithful media pals are standing right behind him- ABC is pushing Obama’s efforts to unilaterally ‘act without Congress’, seemingly forgetting that just 8 years ago the same network was outraged at George W. Bush for “being unwilling to compromise!” MSNBC’s Ed Schultz declares Obama is EXACTLY RIGHT to take action without Congress!

And while he’s at it, he is going to raise minimum wage 39% for employees of federal contractors! Mitt Romney calls this act “desperate!” And don’t forget… he just recently cut military pay! All these 39% increases, while the Obama ‘recovery’ goes limp yet again! These 22 well-sourced facts  show just how ugly things really are in the Obama Economy! A new report warns legalizing illegal aliens won’t help the economy, but this little nugget of truth about amnesty will obviously be one thing that will be missing from tonight’s State Of The Union!

He is also seeking to use the EPA, who  is once again scheming to expand its power, [and]violate our constitutional rights.” There is currently a Bill in The House which seeks to stop the EPA power grab!

Obama’s lies about Obamacare choices has Americans nationwide suffering the consequences! It is just one fiasco after another! Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn has announced that his ObamaCare coverage won’t cover treatment from his cancer specialist. Michelle Obama is doing everything she can to save their namesake legislation, asking Americans: Hey! Can you spare at least $10 to help protect Obamacare? The real question now is, where will the Canadians go for health care now?

We must face the new reality and ask ourselves this very troubling question…. is America now a Fascist State? It has been revealed that Valerie Jarrett has ordered companies to start hiring – or else, while Congress secret votes to sends guns to Syria.

No matter what happens in tonight’s State Of The Union Address, Obama is sure to “come up short in the eyes of millions.” How far will he go? We soon shall see!


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  1. The rank and file of GOP needs to defend against the one who just came out as a dictator. And if GOP wins Senate there should be proceedings for immediate impeachment.

    Essentially someone who believes himself to be a dictator has stated he will implement a Marxist doctrine and bypass our laws.

    Essentially he thinks it is his duty to interfere with the top
    companies and dictate how they should interview and who they should hire. He has set mandates for health care providers in private practice to follow “for the good of all.” Some might call these actions taking over “means of production.” The essence of Marxist doctrine.

    Essentially he believes non citizens should be granted citizenship for breaking our laws when they should be deported. He doesn’t believe in our laws. The Progressive doesn’t bother with laws. The Progressive believes one should support another even if the other isn’t a member of
    our country. He believes those breaking our laws should be rewarded and given safe haven as well as benefits from our monies. A global Marxist doctrine.

    Essentially he thinks all deviant behavior should be
    accepted–gay marriage, gay marriage and adoption, transgender marriage and any other abnormal lifestyles should not only be accepted by celebrated as norm. He believes in the breakdown of the family unit which is essential for a nation to survive.

    Essentially he believes in Islam as he supports our enemies in Syria. He places members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions in his administration.

    Essentially he believes in massive government funded entitlement instead of self determination. Another key component of Marxism And now that Congress won’t cooperate with him he states he will push his Marxist agenda forward anyway.

    I have predicted what will happen with this mindset and lack of will in the American people. The same result that happened in 1917 Russia to ancient Rome and Israel. We will collapse. We will either collapse into tyranny or Civil War.This is probably the last chance and civility needs to be discarded with this tyrant. And if GOP doesn’t want to make the stand then the last option comes to the table. When a President, whether Bush or Obama oversteps his bounds then the people are bound to revolt. This wasn’t just prophesied by me. There were other writers who once believed the same based on the same history I research.

    They were Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  2. We can easily see “What’s ‘wrong’ with our Country” The short answer is ‘The Obama Administration”… Ok now let’s focus on WHAT WE CAN DO to fix it..This is OUR GOAL to keep in mind….next question is WHAT has to be done to reach our goal?

    FIRST….We must PLAN FOR VICTORY…or greet defeat

    ALL groupings like the Libertarians, Tea Party, Conservative & other that ‘choose’ to use the GOP Flagship all have excellent ideas. The GOP welcomes them all. However, no one can do this alone. Personal egos must be set aside & all work for the entire Country ‘together’ in Unity. There are so very many things we have in common, do you really want to quibble over the ‘tomatoes’ or tamatas’?

    Social issues are extremely important, BUT will fail without a solid economy…

    SunSu says “He will WIN when he knows who/when to fight.

    We have a mighty high mountain to climb, Our Creator has supplied the tools….so let’s use them!!!

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