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Mans Law Vs. Natures Law

Recently on the Glenn Beck program, Glenn went through the differences between man’s law and natures law, does anyone know the difference, I didn’t. We as a people are so confined by man’s law, that we completely forget about natures law and we think that we are a free people, think again, read the transcript.

Man’s laws, nature’s law. What is nature’s law? Nature’s law is anything that happens in nature. I have a right to defend myself. Why? Bears do, you know? Nobody feels bad – I feel bad for somebody who, you know, thinks they have a right to go up to a baby seal and take a club and beat them to death just for sport, just for fun. You don’t have a right to do that because nature, it doesn’t happen that way. No other animal just beats something to death and just like ha ha. That’s not nature’s law. That evil.

However, do you feel bad for the person that goes, and they’re going to try to like, I’m just going to go, and they’re fully aware, they have their senses, and they go, I want to go and just cuddle the kitty cat, and it’s a lion, and the lion eats them? Nope, lion has a right to defend itself. The lion feels there’s a threat, he’s going to eat you. That is nature’s law.

Man’s law is different. Man’s law has never been what America is about. Man’s law is you must – these are the new ones now – you must raise your child the way the state says not even towards common sense. They can come into your house now, if you have had your child draw a picture of you with a gun, the state sees that and says wait a minute, wait a minute, and they knock on your door. What are you going to say to them?

Yeah, so what, my kid drew a picture of me with a gun? We go hunting. That’s not what the state does. The state says we have to now see what’s going on in your house. They have a right to come into your house. Man does not have a right to raise his children as he sees fit unless the state says it’s okay.

You only have insurance if the state approves. When the president said if you have insurance you like, you can keep it, no, what he meant was if you have insurance he likes, the system likes, the state likes, then you can keep it.

You don’t have a right to use the light bulbs or anything else. You don’t have a right to drive an old car if they don’t say it’s not safe. It’s not safe, not for other people, for you. It’s blowing too much blue smoke. It has too much miles per gallon, whatever. They have a right to say you’re not going to do it – hmm, okay.

You can’t fish without a license. You can’t hunt without a license. You can’t plant food on your own property unless the state says you can do it. There is no natural law that says that. If you have a plot of land, you can plant food there. In fact, I would say nature’s law goes a step further. I can plant food wherever I want, Jack.

I mean, why did the Indians sell us stuff? Do you know the Indians, don’t feel bad for the Indians. They sold us Manhattan for beads. Really? Really? Don’t feel bad for them. They were mocking us. They made fun of us. They were going back to their tribes, and they were like these guys think we own this land. We don’t own this land. That’s nature’s law. Nobody owns the land. We are stewards of the land. But you can’t fish, you can’t plant foot unless the state says so.

You can’t feed somebody who is hungry unless the state says and gives you a permit. That’s man’s law. That’s insanity. That is the end of civilization time and time again, okay? That’s where we are. Here is where we used to be, somewhat. We were never perfect, but this is what we were based on, and the idea was to get closer to this. We’ve lost all of this.

Natures law, again, you have a right to defend yourself because so does the lion. If the lion is afraid, he has a right to kill you. So do you. You have a right to raise your child. Your child is born to you. That’s blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh, not people in Washington. I have a right to raise my child as I see fit. Now, we have a responsibility if something is…I mean, if I’m beating my child in public or whatever, my kid shows up with black eyes all the time, yeah, we probably should as neighbors look in and say hey, dude, what’s going on?

I have a right to eat all the trans fats I can get into a 32-ounce cup, a 64, a 154 million-ounce cup. I can eat whatever I want. Do you understand why people who have cancer and have been given two months to live are not allowed to have experimental therapies? I don’t, because you can’t explain that one to me. It’s my body. I’m dying. I choose, I know it, I choose to put this in my body. If I am of sound mind, get the hell out of my way. Nature’s law tells me I can do that. Nope.

I have a right to live free. See, what liberty means, you have a right to have choices. I love this, the people who are pro-choice, they’re not pro-choice. They will fight for the right to kill an unborn baby, but they will fight against your right to have a 32-ounce soda. They will fight against your right to have a cigarette. They will fight against your right to be able to raise your child as you see fit, to homeschool them. That’s insane. That’s Fascism. That’s not liberty.

Nature’s rights, I have a right to live free. I have a right to create. I don’t need a permit. I want to build something. I’m going to create. And I have a right to keep the fruit of my labor. Abraham Lincoln said there is nothing more immoral, this is against slavery, but think of this with the IRS and what we’re doing now, there is nothing more immoral than taking the bread that has been baked by the sweat of another man’s brow.

In other words, how is it this man is going to go out and cut everything, and then I’m just going to go out and take all of the work that he has done, and I’m just going to take it because it’s mine. That was the case against slavery. Abraham Lincoln, I think you’re making the case against big government and Progressivism. Why? Because he was making a case on nature’s law.

See, man’s law can change. Man’s law tells you in China you can have slaves. Nature’s law says you can never have slaves. Man’s law changes, goes with the wind. This one comes from wisdom. This one comes from arrogance, pride, and greed.

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This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. Ask a nipple sucking, entitlement monger, liberal how he can justify that it is FAIR for the government to steal my “wealth” (fruit of MY labor) and give it to him? Since liberals are all for “Fairness” and “Equality”. The response is that it is a “rhetorical question” and then every vile name he can pile upon you. But no reasonable justification…

    Nature’s law does not say we are equal. Nature’s law has ZERO consideration for equality! Nature’s law only says you have a right to ATTEMPT to survive. That is the ONLY Unalienable Right any creature on this planet has been endowed with by Nature.

    Man is the inventor of “equality”. Yet as clever as he thinks he is there are only two ways for every one to be equal; first is thru justice! I am shorter than you. Are we equal? You are smarter than me. ARE we equal? My skin is green and yours is red. Are we Equal? I have money that I earned and you don’t. ARE WE EQUAL?!


    But in the eyes of the law, where our society is governed by the RULE of LAW – not the mob, the masses the consensus mongers – we are EQUAL because justice is administered blindly and equally.

    That is the best way we can all be equal. And when that goes away the only other way we can all be equal is if we are either all slaves or dead (which is basically the SAME THING)!

    Note that I did not attach value. I am not the judge of who is “better” than who else. Value and equality are NOT the same things – but of course liberals would disagree. Unless of course they are talking about people who are “Special” – or “Expert”! Like themselves.

  2. Chris you have me troubled with this one. If you read to many of the editorials from the confused elite and biased liberal writers you may lose it all together.

    Their opinions about anything what so ever on this earth is derived from “Fantasy Law” which is the rule of La La Land. Natural law as apposed to natures law brings mans ability to think into play where natures law is equated by a Beast and strength formula. What mouse argues his rights with a hungry Eagle in a court of law? Of Course Man’s thought process must be rational. The liberal man can think too but being rational is in question more often than not. Mankind must be rational by reason or be the Mob by choice, albeit both are seeking justice from an implied injustice.

    Neither of these I am sorry to say apply s to the powers within our Republican or Democrat Party, law on their part is dictated by need and need is dictated by power, neither of which can ever be equated to justice. I say just power is just when agreed upon by those served, we the people. Laws when applied is both blind and equal…as God intended for man, Natural Law, moral law. Nature’s Law is not always moral law but a law of strength and beasts.

    For Man’s law to be the law of nature and the natural law of God’s intent, it should be equated to a game of Ping Pong where the table of justice is leveled for the persecuted by using a Medicine ball. Only then will Man’s law and Nature’s Law be fair and just it today’s world.

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