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How Facebook became irrelevant

downloadMost Americans use Facebook to keep in-touch with family and post their latest personal triumphs. Facebook was hoping that most American businesses would do the same – not so much.

The NSA scandal, AP phone taps and the sexting stories in the news have shown that everyone is watching. Only the foolish would post any of their doings, thoughts or wishes on a network so intrusively scanned by an increasingly nosey government.

Facebook is a victim of our current administration’s way of tracking the every day citizen.

The 12-40 year olds are moving to snapchat which promises that their postings will disappear in minutes. What teenager wants their family to see their party pics or notes on their newest boy/girl friend?  Would you?

According to a Salon article, young adults are turning away from Facebook in droves.

Commercial properties are moving away because Facebook is increasingly becoming militant towards certain products, messages and leanings. As Facebook excludes certain segments of the population, they limit their audience.

Facebook has been aggressively targeting  Conservative groups and those critical of the President. With most Americans feeling like the country is going in the wrong direction, how did they think that they could continue?

Facebook has become irrelevant because they decided to be politically correct instead of operating as a pure business model. Business survives because it brings in consumers – those willing to expend dollars for a product or service.

The free enterprise system does not harbor those who operate ideologically. The Obamas, the Facebooks, the MSNBCs, the Facebooks, the main-stream media – America isn’t as stupid as they suppose. That, is why they whither.

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Rich Mitchell

Rich Mitchell is the editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News and the president of Bald Eagle Media, LLC. His posts may contain opinions that are his own and are not necessarily shared by Bald Eagle Media, CDN, staff or .. much of anyone else. Find him on twitter, facebook and

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  1. I have despised Facebook from the very beginning (I apparently have a page but I have NO idea how that happened and I have no idea how to access it – nor do I want to). I see it as a mass exercise in collectivism that has evolved into the parade of human stupidity. I laud the Sprint Commercial where James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell parody the posts one finds there (My girlfriend has a page and tells me…) Most of all I despise the hypocrisy of the forum – their rules prohibit pornography but apparently they do not aggressively enforce that and children are exposed to the most vile images. Yet if you post a photo of your pose with your favorite semi auto rifle they will remove it quicker than a cat covering it up. And I know that if I did have a page (that I used) I would be banned shortly because my views are very conservative – and that is what I would talk about!

    Facebook is the cesspool of our society where lazy people complain about their lives and other lazy people answer them with the latest food item they are eating! I know they are lazy because they spend all day posting on their computer – which is much easier than actually doing something productive! Post something positive and upbeat and see how many responses you get! Likely NONE! People drawn to that forum don’t want upbeat; they love their misery! It is the land of the Lost Brains!!

  2. Hey Rick ! Great to hear from you ! You certainly validated some of my thoughts on Facebook. For some reason there always seems to be someone that has to mess with the Post Toasties by misuse or abuse. Since George Soros reportedly flew from his ‘estate’ outside of Mexico City to meet with the young founder, if ‘our own’ hadn’t been there first, it would’ve been just a matter of time before user confidence was breached.

    As you know, I don’t snip ‘n glue, so don’t post directly on Facebook, but I have others that do for me. I have noticed that this last year there is less response & what there is tend to attack the article ‘idea’ are more aggressive. I’ve reached the point of asking my ‘helpers’ not to post for that reason. I take it your reference to ‘politically correct’means ‘left’???

    While Facebook may well be the latest victim of our government…it has also succumbed to greed & power. It seems the administration is bound & determined to keep messin’ with our cereal to the point where we have to go underground…

    WE CAN change this in the fall IF people will set aside some of their differences on social issues & unite behind a solid economics & factual issues. We all want to know the ‘real’ story on Benghazi, IRS etc, but can’t if we let more of the same get elected. (gotta give to get)

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