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A New Year Of What?

Here we are 2014, we are just a week in and we are watching Obama-Care fall apart and watching al Qaeda-linked militants, who have overrun two cities in Iraq. Wait, I thought Obama said that al-Qaeda was decimated and on the run? Well, I guess I will have to add this to the long list of lies Obama has told the American people since he has been in office, I have to admit, my pen is running out of ink.

“When President Obama withdrew all U.S. forces over the objections of our military leaders and commanders on the ground, many of us predicted that the vacuum would be filled by America’s enemies and would emerge as a threat to U.S. national security interests. Sadly, that reality is now clearer than ever,” said Sen. John McCain.

Now Americans can see the difference between winning a war and just walking away from a war, to me that difference is having a leader. It should be clear that Obama does nothing, unless there is a political benefit for him and his party. We are now into six years of Obama, the economy is just now starting to show a little life, after six years the unemployment rate is still at 7% and our growth is predicted to be about 2.5%. Throw on top of that his failed foreign policy, you have to be Stevie Wonder to say this guy is doing a good job. Obama has put a band-aid on everything, now those band-aids are starting to fall off.

Also this year, my home town of New York City has elected a Socialist, Progressive, Liberal as mayor, I lump them all together because they are all one and the same, plus he admits what he is anyway. The problem is people forget, I lived through the terrible years of the 1970’s in New York City, when they had Liberal Mayor Dinkins and he almost ran that city into the ground.

Dinkins was as Liberal as a Liberal could be, his only concern was social issues, so he did what all Liberals do RAISE TAXES. So New York saw a decade of despair, buildings crumbling, business leaving, crime rates rising, murder rates jumped to over 2000 a year, New York almost became Detroit. In comes Rudy Giuliani and believe me he turned that city around, business started to come back because he lowered taxes, decay around the city was fixed, crime went down along with the murder rate and unemployment rate, the city was revitalized. Mayor de Blasio is starting his term with a murder rate of about 300 for 2013, there is no doubt in my mind that murder rates will start to rise because of his soft on crime Liberal policies and he already said he was going to raise taxes. There is no surprise that back in the 1970’s de Blasio worked for then Mayor Dinkins, so what can New York expect. Like Yogi Berra said, it seems like déjà vu all over again.

What more proof do we need about Liberals, new Mayor de Blasio has said the reason he wants to raise taxes on the rich is so that he can start a pre-K program for the city. The Governor of New York has said that the state will provide the money without raising taxes, but the mayor made it clear that he’ll take whatever money the state wants to offer, while still demanding that the wealthy pay more. Obviously, the goal is not the pre-K programs, but just raising taxes, no matter how much money he gets from the state.

I am 61 years old and I have seen this time and time again, Liberals get elected by promising the world, then deliver nothing, so Conservatives have to come in and clean up the mess, seems like it is a never ending cycle. This much I do know, Obama is leaving one hell of a mess, and we need someone good to clean it up. 2014 is an important year, there is a good chance that the Republicans can re-claim the Senate and maybe even have it veto proof, at least that is what I dream about.

Let me also thank everyone for making my book “What Kind Of Society Are We Leaving Our Kids” a success last year. Available here.


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  1. Sadly, variations of ‘progressive takeovers’ are being played out in cities & towns of all sizes across our Nation….because those who wanted to believe, those who look for ‘freebies’, those who are short sided or suffer ADD simply stay oblivious unless called by name.

    If I’ve gone without food for days and am starving, I may ‘dream’ of hot biscuits ‘n gravy with a side of chocolate pie..if someone offers me a slice of bread I’ll take it, mold & all. That nourishment may not cure my hunger, but it will keep me going until I get to my dreams end!!!

    2014 is the year that ,we, as a Nation will either starve to death or welcome what nourishment is offered. We must concentrate & choose our battles wisely so that we can live to fight the war on our freedoms & so that our Constitution will again flourish.

    Social issues are varied & vital, This is one twain will likely never meet. Economics, on the other hand, is fact & figures that are undeniably shared

    Stale bread beats the hell out of starvation.(mold & all)

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