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Major Hasan Found Guilty of Murder; Victims Continue to Languish in Obscurity

Army Major Nidal Hasan
Army Major Nidal Hasan

While nothing a military tribunal decided today in regards to renegade Major Nidal  will change anything for the victims and families of the horrendous Fort Hood shooting in 2009, today’s decision is definitely a step in the right direction. Maj. Hasan, the convicted Fort Hood Shooter and former military psychiatrist was found guilty of 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of premeditated attempted murder today.

On Monday, military officials say, the penalty phase of the trial will begin, where the most severe potential penalty for Hasan will be death.  Likely the Major will be stripped of all rank and pay and then be given death, or life imprisonment for the horrible crimes he has committed. This is a good day and a good outcome.

More important than the verdict, however, is the lives of the surviving victims and their families who still languish in obscurity in the aftermath of the Fort Hood Shooting. None have received any special compensation or health care follow-ups after the shooting that would have been theirs if this incident had been considered a combat action rather than a workplace shooting. None of the brave men and women who suffered and died on that day have been honored for their service, and it is unlikely that the President, their commander-in-chief, will recognize them at all. No purple heart medals, no decorations of valor for the DOD police officers who stopped this murderer in his tracks and confined him forever in the prison of a wheel chair. They go on as they are, forlorn and forgotten by their government.

We should not forget them. Something should be done. A fund for victims to help them with their bills, caring neighbors should visit their families on this day and utter a kind word or offer gifts of service or  help. A special day of remembrance should be declared. Don’t wait for the government or Barack Obama to do it. We must do it. Pray to the Almighty for the healing and restoration of the victims of this tragedy, then demand on their behalf the recognition for bravery that our warrior heroes deserve. Hold them in our hearts. It is up to us.

Read the Fox News Article and view video of today’s verdict here.

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Jeremy Griffith

Jeremy Griffith is conservative blogger and retired officer of the United States Army Reserve. He writes for his own blog at

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