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Corruption: The American Way

Is America a corrupt nation? Yes, have we always been a corrupt nation? Yes, will we always be a corrupt nation? Yes again. Let’s face it, America has been, is now, and will be a corrupt nation, that is what seems to make America work.

I recently rented the Spielberg movie Lincoln, it was a good movie, but after all the hype I expected a little more, but I still enjoyed it. The one thing that stuck out to me was the fact that Lincoln had to resort to many shady practices to get the Thirteenth Amendment passed. Extortion, bribery and lies were the things that got the Thirteenth Amendment passed, without all those deceptive practices Lincoln had no chance of getting the Amendment through congress.

Who can forget the passage of Obama-Care, we all remember the corruption when Obama was trying to push his bill through. Politicians being payed off with bribe after bribe, politicians refusing to vote for the bill unless their palms were greased. If not for the corruption Obama-Care would not be the law of the land, this was the mirror image of how Lincoln got his bill passed.

Now we have the Immigration Bill working its way through congress, low and behold corruption rules the day again, already we are reading about payoffs to politicians who would not vote for the bill otherwise. One has to wonder, do any of these politicians really care about anything that they vote on, do the American people ever enter their thoughts when they are preparing to vote, or do they think, O.K. my price was met so I will vote for it. The new Immigration Bill is nothing more than another pork barrel bill, just more waste of the American people’s money.

Corruption is nothing new in Government; it has been going on since ancient Rome and in our own country, it has been going on since Washington was President. How many politicians campaign on a platform of reform, but as soon as they are in office, they conform to the Washington way. Reform has been preached for years, but politicians always find a way around them. Political corruption reform started with the Pendleton Act of 1883 which created a federal civil service to cope with patronage problems. The Tillman Act of 1907 stopped banks and corporation from contributing to federal elections. In 1910, the law was passed requiring congressional candidates and their organization to report contributions and expenditures however it had many loopholes. The Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act was passed in 1946 however; both the Truman and Eisenhower presidencies were accused of questionable behavior by lobbyists.

Let’s face it, we all have to face the reality that corruption is a part of the way Government does business and it is here to stay. I truly believe Washington would be at a standstill without corruption, you think nothing gets done now, without corruption in Government, Washington would collapse. I don’t care who is in office, there will always be the you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours mentality, without it nothing would get done.

Without a doubt, Obama is a master at corruption, well what do you expect, he comes from one of the most corrupt cities in the country, Chicago. Make no mistake about it, Obama is a very corrupt President, if there ever was a President that believed in crony politics it is Obama, he is not a leader, so he has to bribe, lie and extort to get things done. However, what are we getting so upset about, at least we finally found out that he is good at something.

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  1. Corruption is a bit of a sad note to behold. But this band plays some pretty bad tunes. This presents a problem for a lot of us including his own useful idiots. Obama likes to be very inclusive, something he eludes to as “Fairness.” Corruption, hmmmm, 53 precincts and not one vote for Romney in Philadelphia.
    Sure! But he likes to be very transparent, he said so himself. The trouble is that I don’t call pissing in our cheerios transparency.

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