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America: It Took Us 237 Years To Die

America became a great nation because people came here in search of opportunities for a better life. They wanted to succeed. Then something changed. Today, rather than work hard in pursuit of the American Dream, many feel they are entitled to the American Dream. It seems that the philosophies of communism, socialism, and fascism are starting to fester within America, the less people have, the more these philosophies grow in the hearts of the people. Are we witnessing the death of America?

The Greeks the Romans are just two once great civilizations that rose to the top and then fell, are we destined to join them?

On Americas birthday we celebrate the birth of a great nation, and I say this while I am still  allowed too.     God Bless America

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Thank you for this Chris..sadly it pretty much tells it all. Even more depressing is that so many decent people talk the talk, but fail to walk the walk….so many whine, wring their hands & do nothing more while big government stomps the hell out of our Constitution, puts a ring in our nose & leads us down the road to slave status to bow & obey “Big Daddy”….This is NOT why the blood of so many has been shed in lands across the universe.

  2. No Chris we are not destined to die. Did Pearl harbor seal our fate, or Hitler, or Obama, Reid, Pelosi or Biden? It is a damn shame that we have to include a sitting US president in with foreign attacks on our freedom and liberty. We are speaking the truth and as such that is the truth. I attended a family reunion over the fourth. Many in attendance were from Massachusetts and all suffered with the retarded disease of liberalism. God forbid you should have an opinion that differs from theirs. They become vial, vocal and belligerent toward anyone having a conservative view. I realized that you just cannot fix stupid. Chris they are few, but those few crowd the window that many see as the status of our society. That is far from any reality because the majority of us are civil and less prone to being that “belligerent asshole” of liberalism. But our tolerance is growing thin and about to erupt into an answer they may not like. Today people are being backed into a corner and have little options left other than to turn and face the aggressor with a simple statement…OK asshole now you are going to face me and you are not going to like what I say. We told that to the Japs and we repeated it to Hitler. We faced far worse times than today in our history. We are not Rome, nor are we any other “Great” societal demise of the world past. We are America and we will survive because of you Chris, Jan, myself and the countless others out there like us.
    There will be a time soon when we have but two choices, I know what my choice will be, I know that you do as well.

    1. Hi Jerry, Fighting Hitler the Japs or anyone else I am not worried about, we can handle them. What I am worried about is the enemy within our country that seem to be taking it over little by little.

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